Walkmesh problems with nwn2 toolset. HELP

Hey, so I recently started experimenting with the toolset to bring my d&d adventures to life. I wrote my story (all 20 pages of it) and got straight to work. I saw a couple of tutorials and made my 1st module. THERE ARE INVISIBLE WALLS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD MAKING AREAS INACCESSIBLE. Seriously though, I’ve tried everything including a quick search on the forum. BUT, everything was too complex and I need a more beginner-friendly answer.

It sounds like you have a bake issue. Try clicking the bake button at the top of the toolset and check the area to see if it baked as you want.

I have already baked but had no problems or error pop-up windows. Checking now and will report back.

Here are the results, PC is supposed to go to the red dot but it appears baking has destroyed that path completely. Any way to fix this?

I’ve encountered this myself. I think it has to do with having too many placeables too near to each other. Try making some of them environment objects instead and do a walkmesh cutter around them.

If this doesn’t work for you, I know that @raymondsebas is an expert on areas. He will know what to do.

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From this overhead image, I am presuming you don’t intend players to enter the area behind the tents and stalls.

If this is true and you don’t intend to have combat in this part of the area, I would convert the stalls and tents to environment objects (right click on each, select “placeable to environment object”). This will make them not cut the walkmesh. However, you will now need to use a walkmesh cutter trigger to define the areas you don’t want players to walk. You could easily begin by drawing a trigger around the backs of all those stalls and tents and then place more smaller triggers to cover the tent edges, stall edges, etc.

Good luck!

EDIT: Image added, hopefully makes some sense! Blue lines = suggested walkmesh cutter trigger. Obviously, adjust to your needs. If you haven’t used a walkmesh cutter trigger before, I suggest you have a play around with some practice ones before doing this :slight_smile:

Thanks for replying, I will try that 100%. Yet, a question remains. I want to make the plaza in the middle (near the druidess statue) a wishing fountain sort of gig, where you click the nearby sign and a convo ensues where you can drop a GP and gain a buff. Do I have to make this plaza (or the druidess statue) environmental objects? Thanks again for the help and the fast reply.

Thanks for the reply, I will do as both you and @MERP_UK suggested.

No problem, very nice to see new builders giving NWN2 a go. Don’t be disheartened at the beginning, there is a lot to take in and NWN2 has a certain fussiness in certain matters - walkmeshes being one of them! Plenty of support to be found here. Keep at it and you’ll find it very rewarding seeing your ideas come to life.

That isn’t a problem. Ensure that the object the players interact with to launch the conversation is NOT an environment object. Due to the packed walkmesh, I would make this object as small as reasonable possible. A signpost should be perfectly fine :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion and have a great day.

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@MERP_UK BLAST IT! So, I did as you said and the problem got worse. Let me explain. So after the walkmesh cutters had been placed and I baked the area I got this:
In case you didn’t understand here is a rough paint layer (blue) to signify placement.
What could be causing this? What in the nine hells of Bator could make this happen. SIGH I am starting to believe the nwn2 toolset is some ancient force not to be disturbed, to be honest. Please leave any suggestions below. Thanks in advance.

Don’t give up now, you’re almost there!

This is a very tight grouping of objects and therefore, mesh cuttings, so it was always going to be a bit fiddly.


Double check that EVERY object that isn’t going to be interacted with and isn’t needed for combat line-of sight is an environment object.

If you have used multiple walkmesh cutters, see which ones, if any, you can combine into one (to use fewer cutters).

Last resort, you may need to make a small redesign, perhaps widening this circle of objects to increase the space between each. Any ugly gaps could be filled with trees/bushes, for example.

You will run into obstacles, finding creative solutions is part of the journey :slight_smile:

This is like a lobby area so there won’t be any fights BUT, it is already cramped. Too many small placeables to add detail to the stalls (especially the tentless one.) and I might think that there will be some sacrificing of placeables to make. So, is that an option? I mean before a redesign has to be made.

This question was for @MERP_UK (stupid me forgot to reply).

Absolutely cut out some objects to free space if you can live with that :slight_smile:

Start with one, spread them all out and bake again. Rinse and repeat until it all bakes as you require.

Got it mate, imma try and see where it gets me. Will reply if it works( :crossed_fingers:) or if it doesn’t sigh.

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Good luck! Looking at your image, it can definitely work. Just some adjustments needed :slight_smile:

@MERP_UK Hello again lad, I’m back after ~2h and a boatload of work and… I still have a problem.
As you can see I have highlighted the problematic area with a rough layer of blue paint. I have applied ONE, big walkmesh literally there is one going around the stalls and then 2 more to make up for some areas that are supposed to be solid in the tent. and still, the problematic area is the one with the LEAST placeables (which makes almost no sense). Also, I don’t even know what’s going on with the upper stalls.
I am tired, confused and out of solutions. Help if you can, if you can’t it’s totally fine, I have been enough of a weight already. Good night.

You’ve made a big improvement. Almost there.

Image 2 is the easiest to fix - make your wall sections environment objects. You said the area is a lobby, so no harm, surely?

1st image… Try moving the house in the top left. Move it further away, try without it, etc.

I am happy to take a look at it tomorrow for you, if you wish to upload a copy of the area file somewhere.

Don’t worry about asking for help. It’s what these forums are for :slight_smile:

Just as a rule of thumb, try to keep the walkmesh helper as simple as will work with your situation. Every bend in the polygon means more triangles get used for the bake. You only have a limited pool to work with. (For example, interior grid squares allow 127 triangles in the mesh.) Remember the players won’t really notice whether you have a simple or complex non-walkable outline.

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