Wandering Monster System doc

In NWN2 the script ‘x2_inc_restsys’ comments reference a ‘Wandering Monster System’ document from 2003. Does anybody have a copy handy?

I’m assuming it’s different from this:



Would have to be a leftover reference from nwn1 based on the year. Maybe it’s in the nwn1 files somewhere? The nwn1 channel might be a good place to ask.

It must have been for NwN 2 because the only wandering monster systems in NwN that I am aware of are all user made. NwN has the encounter system which is setup in the toolset but no random encounter system that I am aware of.


That’s a reference to the old HotU XP2 wandering monster system. It works off a 2da file called des_restsystem.2da. The 2da is configured for HotU but can be modified by a Builder. However, as its a NWN1 system, I’m not too sure how useful it would be.

IIRC, the system was designed by Georg Z and I believe all the info that was in the doc referenced was just a cut-n-paste from x2_inc_restsys.NSS.

If that’s not enough info in the NSS, I might have the doc archived somewhere.

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Thanks. At this point I’m planning to just copy the area variables set in the MotB modules and hope for the best. I also added some additional spawn points where needed.

Yeah, I looked through my archive - it was a txt copy of x2_inc_restsys

Good luck

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