Want to play NWN2, but

I was thinking I should finally give NWN2 another try. I already played it before, but unofficial czech translation corrupted my savegame and I didn’t want to replay it again so I stopped right there.

I was testing something in NWN2 recently, and the game as is doesn’t attract me to play it at all.

Is there something like my Community Patch that will:

  • fix all known issues
  • improve stock textures/graphic (I suppose I wouldn’t mind model overrides as I am not used to any creature looks yet)
  • stability issues (I heard NWNX4 is pretty much a must?)

I already downloaded NWN2 Fixes from github, but I don’t see any graphic improvement there. The graphic really looks horrible, at least in full screen, it looks way worse than NWN1 for some reason.

BTW, will the henchmen act themselves if I ignore them? I guess I have a deformation on this from NWN1, I didn’t like switching between them at all.

the Client Extension is the frontend loader (3rd party) for nwn2

the graphics imo are what they are … im not especially fond of them either :\ There are some facelift packs etc – perhaps others can advise here

re. companions ( read: these are not “henchmen” – henchmen are still a thing in nwn2; they can join the party but are not directly controllable unlike companions (also called cohorts in SoZ) ). They have character sheets like the PC with a Behaviors tab to adjust their AI. There is a Party AI on/off button next to the rest button on the HUD – if their ai stalls the first thing to do is toggle that btn.

you could try TonyK’s Companion and Monster AI 2.5 in your /override. Companions, if left alone, should act reasonably … but set them up on their Behaviors tabs first

/no guarantees

[edit] or … perhaps you should skip the official modules and try @Lance_Botelle’s The Scroll … it has many mechanical fixes, an extended UI, and is geared toward true stopaction-rounds but i think it can be turned off. Best played with an empty /override folder (but ask Lance if in doubt)


Neverwinter Nights 2 2022 HD Texture Pack | The Neverwinter Vault

This looks like a good texture override.

Biggest thing I finally realized was to treat NWN2 as its own game. That is, not to try to play it like I play NWN. Controls, especially. I never got it to feel like NWN, but I did enjoy playing it as itself.



Thanks for the recommendation!

I would be very happy for @Shadooow to have a go at my module. Edit: The start stop combat action is optional, but my wife likes it so much that she uses it in every combat.

It’s currently undergoing some final testing of v1.50e SP and I will be uploading as soon as that’s done. My wife is around two thirds of the way through her 15th+ play through, testing all the new updates.

Let me know if this is something you would like to try and I’ll keep you posted. I will also be blogging with latest news in the coming days… hopefully. :+1:

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I’ve been trying to assemble a list of mods that I think could improve the OC:


Integrating them would take some work though.

For starters I’d try one of the UI update mods.


my understanding is that NwnX4 is at present only(?) for servers running MP …

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Wow, that list deserves a separate bookmark!

Nice list, but I really don’t want to spend hours trying to merge this all up.

Btw, to your question in that page “Are there any I’m missing or should exclude?”. You never stated the boundaries or rather code under which you were putting it together so I don’t know what is your intention, but the very first package I looked into to download was full of nonsensual house rules that needlessly buffed things that are working properly within rules. I do not want anything like that. I want balanced gameplay at hardcore difficulty, I don’t enjoy playing with overpowered characters. I am talking about Better Invocations btw. If I would make a list like this I would never put this on it. So consider that as a suggestion of what to exclude if you care.

Yeah this looks really good on the images at least. Not like similar package from Beamdog for NWN1 :smiley: . I will definitely try this, might be all I need.

At present it’s just a starting point; it’s intended to improve the experience of playing the OC. I’m sure there are some entries that will need to be removed from the end product.

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I dont understand how the gfx can be a problem, specially given the game is from 2006, the gfx of the dungeons SURELY got a lot better, my biggest problem with it were the lack of optimizations.


When I have uploaded v1.50E of The Scroll, you may want to try it.

I have spent years trying to ensure the various gameplay styles are available and balanced. Subject to what choice you make near the start of the game, you can setup the “death” rule, which means you need to have Raise Dead or visit a cleric who has the ability (with the PC corpse) and pay the amount required. (The “easier” choice you can also make, is to allow auto-recovery after a battle.)

As far as balance is concerned, I also looked at a number of different aspects when it came to making sure a combat was balanced for the party, without compromising creature CR. i.e. The different monsters still keep to their relative difficulty, but may adjust slightly according to the party strength. Thereafter, the standard NWN2 “options” additionally make encounters and general gameplay more challenging.

My module is not for the casual gamer and requires concentrated player input at times, but most aspects can be circumvented subject to your play style and settings. However, you would still need to actively participate in the game to finish it. i.e. You cannot click and fight your way through it without any thought to your other choices and actions.

I am currently writing module 2, which goes a long way to further the campaign story, but the first module is certainly “complete” enough to be satisfying, even if leaving you wanting more (hopefully).

Let me know if this interests you and I will try to give you priority update when v1.50E is uploaded.

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I want to play the official campaigns first for education purposes. I am not sure I will find time to play your campaign as well, I did not play any custom campaigns for NWN1 either mostly due to the lack of localization in my language. I can read and understand english but somehow I cannot delve into the game as much so I usually avoid it…

It does sound very good though. If I ever try it I will give you my remarks.

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Oh, I can appreciate the difficulty you will have with the language then, as mine would require a working knowledge of English. However, if you so ever manage to have a go, I would welcome your comments. Thanks! :slight_smile:

These fixes are considered more or less equal to your CPP and must have:
https://github.com/nwn2fixes/player - general bug fixes
NWN2 Client Extension | The Neverwinter Vault - plenty of client fixes
Kaedrin's PrC + TCC + Spell Fixes + Tome of Battle + Races of Faerun + Light Emitting Spell Effects | The Neverwinter Vault - various good stuff equals to the separate expansion
Companion and Monster AI 2.5 | The Neverwinter Vault - this is must-have, makes game feels like you are playing a different game. With a recent 2021 glorious and famous Tony K. AI update you don’t want to look anywhere else again with this AI update

great, I will give this a try