Warlock: Imbue Item Feat

I am in the process of fixing the Imbue Item feat for warlocks for my campaign, especially in preparation for module 2, (my thanks to KevL for the heads up on this), and have succeeded for both the original and recipe versions of crafting. However, in the process of “tidying” up", I read this on the feat description…


Now, I understand that this warlock feat does away with the spell required. However, I have no idea what the part that says about getting a 25% discount and never having a CL raised by 3 for not meeting the requirements.

Can someone explain that to me please?

(At the moment, I simply have it that the warlock can use this feat to craft items instead of requiring the spell. However, am I missing something else here? If I am not, I may just remove that waffle at the end of the feat description, as, unless it serves any meaning, then it is just confusing. :dizzy_face:)

I’m not sure I ever put a skill point in crafting, so my understanding might be off, but the way I read this is: since a warlock doesn’t know the arcane or divine spells,a warlock with a level below 12 will have to beat a DC of item required Caster Level +3 to create said items. This penalty is removed with the Imbue Item feat.

I also read that:

  • The cost to craft a wand in NWN2 is equal to Wand Level * Spell Level * 750 gp.
  • The cost to craft a wand in NWN2 is equal to Scroll Level * Spell Level * 50 gp
  • The cost to brew a potion in NWN2 is equal to potion Level * Spell Level * 25 gp
    So that’s probably where the 25% discount applies.


Thanks for the info… I’m still not entirely understanding this… I do even wonder if it was a bit of info that was not even implemented. :thinking:

I’ll have my wife play around with some of the crafting options using the feat to see if she notices anything like you say. In the testing we have done so far, apart from not requiring the exact spell (being covered by the Imbue Feat instead), we have not noticed any other differences. I.e. The same amount of gold was deducted… BUT, that may be because my system does it slightly differently?

Hopefully, someone who plays a warlock more will be able to shed some light. If not, I may just remove that final sentence from the feat description as it just makes me sit there numb re-reading it over and over… and still not understanding it. :dizzy_face: :smiley:

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Hi All,

I found this description about the feat on NWN2 wiki: “You can create magic items based on spells you cannot cast. You must take the appropriate Item Creation Feat and then make a Use magic device check vs. DC 15 + Spell level for Arcane spells or DC 25 + Spell level for Divine spells. If the check succeeds, the warlock can create the item as if he had cast the required spell. If it fails, he cannot complete the item. He does not expend the XP or gold cost for making the item; his process is simply slowed. He cannot retry this use magic device check for this spell until he gains a new level.”

HOWEVER, in testing, no such UMD appears to be checked. I had a warlock with zero UMD skill craft a set of bracers that required Mage Armour spell, and it never failed. But, as we only check if the feat is present, then I would expect nothing else, and I don’t see how any calls are checking this other requirement? So, unless something is happening hard-coded when the Imbue Item feat is originally called, which I cannot find, then I suspect this additional UMD check is no longer made. Bottom line, I think this feat simply replaces the need to have the spell, and that’s it. :thinking:

Therefore, I am going to remove that superfluous description in the feat description as it just confuses things. Until and unless someone can explain it better than we can. :innocent:

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