Water Tilesets

Could anyone link me up with some underwater tilesets. I’ve looked, and can’t even find Worms water tilesets for download. I’m preferably looking for a solid tileset other than worms (for personal preferences) but will check them out if that’s all that’s available. Also, where is this “Merfolk” tileset located at that I keep reading about here on the vault?

While there are quite a number of merfolk models for NWN, I’ve never seen a whole tileset dedicated to them, nor have I read about anybody mentioning one. I did make Merfolk buildings for a Custom Content Challenge. They are in Worm’s underwater tileset.

Lord of Worms tilesets are all on a single page: Lord of Worms Tilesets and Arbor Falls PW Server Haks | The Neverwinter Vault. Probably the best out out there - since I’m unaware of any others :smile:
Zwerkules’ Expansion is here: CCC 2011 Nov: Underwater | The Neverwinter Vault. Plus some other stuff.

I think that the default “Sea Caves” tileset is sometimes referred to as merfolk tileset. I could be totally wrong here, but I know of no merfolk tileset either

Thanks guys.

Had a chance to check these out. They are spectacular. Thanks for the contribution Worm and Zwerkules!

I thought I saw underwater tileset pre-worm one, but can’t find it. Maybe it was just placeable that was supposed to simulate water surface and lights intented to be used with desert tileset. Didn’t one premium module have underwater areas?

For going on foot, from land to underwater don’t forget tilemagic.


PSC just used the desert tileset, but the original underwater tileset was by Runemaker. I can’t find its original part on the Vault, but its included in this combo. Its a reskinned version of Forest, and IIRC some of the tiles ended up in CTP’s desert tileset for the seaweed

Do you mean this tileset Undersea Tileset? Found by searching for Runemaker using the search box on the front page. It was third on the list.



You know with a little imagination and lots of kelp you can use just about any tileset to create underwater environments, especially good are the normal mines&caverns, the desert, CEP forest and the underdark tilesets—here is an example of a submerged temple…notice you can combine “sand” and “seagrass” on the ground :slight_smile:

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If you’re really flash (and understand the workings - hint I don’t) you can always use these new-fangled shaders to get the right vibe too.


Oh, those are impressive!

Bioware actually added lots of little underwater placeables, and CEP added lots more. With enough kelp, corals, weeds, bubbles, underwater creatures and tweaked visual settings you can make almost ANY tileset underwater, quite the opposite of Drain the Oceans, I would call it Open the Floodgates … you just have to not use any parts of the tileset that doesn’t make sense underwater (like trees and puddles)… even better news, when the “swimming” phenotypes are working again in CEP2/CEP3, pending the Release of NWN E.E. 1.35 we will have absolutely awesome underwater adventures ready to launch - as I recall more than 80% of Faerun is covered in water :):):slight_smile: Exception to swimming will be, of course, for a character in heavy armour, who will be just “walking” or better said “crawling” on the seafloor, easy pickings for creatures of the Deep, hehehe

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You have this also.


What are you using in that screenie Shadooow? What tileset?

Not sure. I think it mostly placables and underwater shader on the client (nice normal map for the ground). Marca Argéntea showed it off in the discord showcase forum for us all. There a lot of stuff that can be improved/added but it going to be slow to come out as there only a few of us and only a few who open their stuff for everyone. I think you see a pretty good amount after we all go to stable build so the CC can update the shader/cc to work with the new stable build. So hold on some more :wink:

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WOW SWEET! I will have to find out HOWTO with shaders (but I won’t ask @Tarot_Redhand), this will totally improve the UW effects. Suppose I will have to get a better Graphics card…

Yeah, me too! I’m still running a GTX 1660. Kinda yesteryear - :face_with_monocle: :alien:

that’s lots better than my GT 640 lols