My water is does not appear in the interior areas.It’s perfectly fine in the exterior ones and in the tooset, but once I start up the module it’s not there. Any ideas why would that be?

I’ve seen that happen once when there were a lot of light sources in the area.

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I believe interior water in any tile needs to be illuminated by a point light source to be visible. Even a faint light source with a large radius should do.


Bonus info - the water appears when I tick the directional light flag and disappears when I untick it. I’ll try the light source tip and see how it goes.

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Yup - that totally worked. Thanks for the protip :slight_smile:

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Huh… that explains some issues I had… thanks!

For added fun, trying to balance the area’s ambient light, light sources and players covered in “light source enchanted” gear. Enough of those and your water becomes…

Yeah, if there’re too many light sources interacting with each other in the tile, the water becomes black. That’s a known engine bug.