Waypoints cause NPCs to disappear

If I place a creature and give it a waypoint to walk to, then Test Module, the creature/npc does not spawn. Then if I delete the waypoint, Test Module, the creature/npc does spawn.

Anything I am missing?

Could you post the script you’re using to spawn the NPC and the spawn script for the NPC? I would guess that there’s an error in one of those scripts that’s causing the problem (probably the spawn script).

Perhaps I am wording it incorrectly. I am only talking about a creature/npc being placed on the map in the toolset then testing it. No encounters or spawn scripts.

I place the npc on a road. Test Module, he’s there. Then go back to the toolset, create a waypoint (either by right-clicking, selecting Create Waypoint, or manually creating it and naming it WP_npctag_01). I go back to Test Module, and the creature/npc is nowhere to be found.

Check the creature’s blueprint and see if it’s running nw_c2_default9 as its spawn script (have you made any edits to this script). What’s the creature’s tag and the tag of the waypoint? Do you have any other waypoints with the same tag anywhere else in the module?

  1. Yes, running nw_c2_default9, and I have not edited it.
  2. Tags are Bandit WP_Bandit_01.

I have narrowed it down to using the Horse and Wagon from the Pony Express Mod. It seems renaming the Horse and Wagon stops all waypoint operations.

The Pony Express mod came with a Horse_and_Wagon.hak. I am also using the CEP2.65 starter (all options) module as base. (Only other haks)
1.) I exported the creature HorseandWagon form the Pony Express Mod creating an .erf
2.) I merged the 3 2da’s from Horse_and_Wagon.hak with the CEP2_top_2_65.hak corresponding 2da’s to create H_and_W_Top.hak (appearance,placeables,portraits)
3.) I added H_and_W_top.hak and HorseandWagon.hak to the top of Custom Content
4.) Imported HorseandWagon

If I leave the name unchanged everything seems to work. Change the name and nobody is walking. Not even other creatures. Any creature associated with a waypoint doesn’t spawn.

So that’s where I am. I can live with this I guess, but it would better if I could change it.

I’m glad to hear you found the source of the problem. It sounds like a CC issue and, if he’s still around, I would suggest contacting the mod author for assistance. The WalkWayPoints function that the creature uses to walk is in the x0_i0_walkway.nss script. You can check to see if the hak has overridden that particular file. If so, you could try recompiling that file, x0_i0_anims.nss and nw_c2_default9 and seeing if you get any errors.