We need already a new CEP for EE?

A lot contents have been done for EE by the Comunity

We need already a new CEP for EE? :smiley:

I doubt that, for two reasons.

Firstly, CEP2 is already in use by hundreds of modules. A new release of CEP2, extending, conserving and repairing the old content, would help everyone, but a new, incompatible CEP would only be of interest to start-up modules, of which there are very few.

Secondly, CEP represents a vast effort and teamwork over many years. There’s nothing remotely like that capacity or commitment in the community now.

In brief, nether needed nor feasible.

I wish there were a team willing to take over the CEP2 assets from TAD, maybe adding content from CCC etc, but even that is a challenge we seem to have no takers for at present.

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A new module designer will benefit more from learning hak compilation than from “Loading up CEP and being good with that”

It would be really cool to see the CCC start up again…


I’ll release some CEP 2.65 to NWN:EE 2da merges this week. Currently, the list of 2das that I am merging are; load screens, door types, generic doors, appearances , placeables and base items. If I am missing any others, please let me know. I will be creating just a package of just the edited 2das and folks can then add them to whatever tophak they use in their modules (or create a new custom one if they just use the CEP version).

Adding custom feats for the CEP weapon additions is something I plan to do later on for my own PW, but I am not certain that I will offer it to the public afterwards. Mainly because a custom TLK will be involved and edits to class feat 2das required. Additionally, my own edits will contain more “weapons” than those in the CEP 2.65. I am adding silly “weapon feats” to support things like holdable tomes, kitchen tools and frying pans, mops, brooms and buckets, etc… I will probably submit a “How to Guide” on adding these feats so others can make their own.


As threatened … uhm … I mean promised.
Please let me know if I missed anything in the merges between CEP 2.65 and NWN:EE.


@kalbaern I modified the CEP 2.65 page to mention yours as a Related Project.

Very useful.

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