Weapon Proficiency Dwarf?

What files would I need to change in order to create a Weapon Proficiency Dwarf (Dwarven War Axes aren’t exotic to them!) ? And could I use this in the override folder Serverside, or would it require a HAK?

I gave a couple of .2da’s a try, but I just don’t think I got it right.

This is complicated. You see, DnD rules doesn’t give the dwarfs waraxe proficiency as many peoples believe. They can use waraxe as if it was martial weapon. So dwarf wizard cannot use waraxe which would be 3 times superior weapon than any of the wizards one.

And do it this way and properly is almost impossible, I tried…

Anyway, if you don’t care about how it should really be and you don’t see a problem in dwarf wizard wielding dwarven waraxe then to just give dwarf automatic proficiency with waraxe is quite simple.

You need to change 2 2DA files.
baseitems.2da - line 108, column ReqFeat1 set it to 227 (227 is stonecunning, dwarf only feat acquired at character creation)
feat.2da - lines 952 and 954, column OrReqFeat0 set it to 227 as well

and yes players don’t need these 2das, it will work server-side

Shadooow was a bit faster with his answer, but here’s my approach to this issue:

For serverside solution, yes, you need haks. There’s a few simple changes in .2da and .tlk files that need to be made:

  • feat.2da - add a custom feat (eg FEAT_WEAPON_PROFICIENCY_DWARF) with proper icon and tlk references for name and description (and obviously you need to add those in your tlk file, that your module is using)
  • race_feat_dwarf.2da - add a new row for your newly added feat, so dwarves can gain it automatically
  • baseitems.2da - as Shadooow already pointed out, u need to add proper ReqFeat0 and ReqFeat1 numbers (ReqFeat0: 44 and ReqFeat1: row number of your dwarven weapon proficiency feat, that will work as an alternative feat required to use dwarven waraxes)

Sorry I was incorrect. Using my way, ie. reusing stonecunning as a feat that grants the proficiency doesn’t require haks and can be used server-side, however allowing players to select weapon focus and improved critical feats with dwarven waraxe (the edits in feat.2da) will require haks. Or at least the same 2da to be downloaded and put into override by players (but this is really bad practice and I don’t recommend it).

And just wielding the waraxe without being able to take feats for it is a bit pointless. So haks will be required.

Btw, @silentrocks’ method is much cleaner however it won’t work unless you are running server under nwn:ee or unless you instruct players to use NWNCX+nwncx_connect or nwncx_patch and you use corresponding server-side nwnx plugin. This is because in 1.69 during character creation haks are not yet loaded so player will not acquire the new dwarven waraxe proficiency feat.

@silentrocks and @Shadooow Thanks for the prompt responses. I wish we were running NWNCX, as it seems this would avoid the HAK requirement… And since we are trying to avoid further HAKs, it looks like this will be a bridge too far.

I appreciate the instructions though. Should we eventually move to NWNCX, I’ll make this work.

no it won’t, nwncx will only make sure the haks are loaded during character creation (in multiplayer) so that any new feats granted by race, or any new general feats selectable at lvl 1 or any new spells that are 0th or 1st level or any custom base classes (nwncx_patch only) are selectable. You will still need the haks to allow players to select weapon focus and improved critical for dwarven waraxe without exotic proficiency.

I thought NWNCX had a plugin that loaded HAKs from the server to client… I may be oversimplifying… or even completely misunderstanding.

(edit) I think I meant NWNX… sorry

Oh, and speaking of weapon focus and improved crit, I forgot about adding that ReqFeat1 with your dwarven weapons proficiency, so the characters will be able to correctly choose those feats for dwarven waraxe without exotic proficiency.
And thanks for clarifying which method is better for which environment your’re running your module (1.69, with/without nwncx or nwn:ee). I wish builders wouldn’t have to worry about that stuff, but it seems to be problematic waaat too often :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes but it is not working the way you think. NWNX plugins sends a list of haks which needs to be loaded and player must have them.

There is a special plugin nwnx_haks (linux only iirc) that can be used in a way to make your server hak-less however that plugin only allows to join your server. Whenever would player encounter something from the haks, it would crash without them, so it is only used for a cheap way how to attract server-hoppers, players who are trying various servers but only if they have no haks. So PWs that uses this usually tell player that to be able to play he needs to download haks and where.

That makes sense. And it means that I completely misunderstood what it was doing :slight_smile: Thank you for the clarification.