Weapon Visual Effect

Has anybody had success adding new weapon visual effects? I was able to get the menu to add the item and built a new effect to match, but it doesn’t show up in game.

Example: Scimitar of Smouldering

Investigating further, I checked the item properties with an equip script. The smoke effect shows up in the item property list and the subtype is correct: (7). If instead I try to add it via an AddItemProperty call, it doesn’t show up. There’s no cost table for the visual effects, so I don’t think that’s missing. Perhaps the effects are hard coded and it doesn’t recognize new additions?

i think so. Those ‘types’ are a recurring theme throughout nwn2: acid cold electrical fire sonic holy evil. And i notice that such weapon visuals don’t show up in the toolset (on the models of NPCs equipped) so i suspect there’s something special going on …

ps. I don’t know what app you modified that 2da with but it triggered a bug in Yata – so thanks for that ;) will update soon

Apparently they were able to get it to work in NWN, but only by means of the NWN Client Extender.


I don’t suppose that option is available for NWN2?

nope. As far as im aware, NwNCx is like NwNx2 but for single player.

NwNx4 has been updated and maintained for nwn2, but we got no bananas NwN2Cx

I spotted what looks like a GitHub source repository for NWNCx:


I have no idea whether that would work with NWN2, or whether it is even the same thing.

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that’s really lowlevel stuff, Rj. read: o.O wot

good news, I got one of your smokeswords ingame.


i copied a Longsword (soz variant but shouldn’t matter) to /override. Also put your .SEF and .PFX in /override with it. ( subfolder /smokesword )

Then open toolset. Assign the .SEF name to the new sword’s Appearance (special effect) slot. (actually used a GFF editor but result ought be the same)

then from the console: giveitem smokesword

“smokesword” is the resref/tag/resource of the new sword …

The point is that instead of trying to use Iprp_VisualFx.2da, create a weapon-blueprint and assign the fx_defaultitem_smoke specialeffect to its Appearance slot.

ps. looks pretty good, Rj – its not overwhelming like many of the stock weaponFx

/hope that’s useful, idk. If not, perhaps explain what you want to happen …


Interesting. Thanks kevL_s. Too bad they don’t provide an appearance f/x slot in the blueprint editor.

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it should be right at the top of the Properties page of (almost any?) blueprint. Here’s my Smokesword in the toolset →

( but a GFF editor makes the field/file easier to save without a module/campaign loaded )

… what’s ‘too bad’ is that i don’t see a script function that can assign a sef to the Appearance f/x slot  :\


Ach, yeah of course it is. :man_facepalming: Guess I’m just tired.


sweet. Smoke scimitar …

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