Weapon visual effects in CEP 2.4

I have CEP 2.4 and recently I’ve noticed that, under “weapon properties” it adds “visual effects” as a separate category (which is super cool, previously if you wanted a visual effect you were stuck with specific weapon properties).
There’s a whole bunch of new effects, too - “mind” and “magic” and “shadow”.
But choosing those particular effect does nothing. Are those placeholders for future projects, or what?

IIRC, those visual properties required NWNx2 support in order to be activated. This Extender programs and its various functions was community made and truly reinvented NWN. The platform and plug-ins should still be here. However, this only worked on 1.69 and not on the current Enhanced Edition, and I’ve not been made aware that there is an EE version (though I seem to recall there to be a linux version for EE). If someone else knows otherwise I’d be peachy keen to know it.

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I see, thank you! All in all, probably a safer bet to give it a miss now, lest the content I make with it be incompatible with EE.