Weird lines on a model - what causes it?

I know I’ve asked this before, and if I remember correctly @kamal answered this somewhere, maybe on discord, but since I can’t for the life of me find the answer, I ask again: What causes these kind of weird lines? Have I done something wrong with the head model? This head is from Faces of Neverwinter 2.0 I believe. It is in my override folder. I really like the head and would like to use it, but I can’t if it looks like this in the game. Is it some kind of conflict perhaps?

weird lines

Are you talking about the brown protrusion? It looks like a problem with the weight painting. Some mesh faces probably aren’t properly mapped and weighted to a bone in the skeleton.

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I noticed it too (I’ve actually merged all new heads from Xaltar, Krighaur, Races of Faêrun, Faces of Neverwinter, Chimneyfish and more in a single heads and hair pack. In the process, I had to reweight some vertices - even re-rig some heads - because of this).

I’ve got permission from Krighaur for this compilation, not sure how to contact the others though (which is why I haven’t uploaded it yet).

In the meantime, give me the head number (and of course the race that uses it) and I’ll send you a fixed version.

In order to have all heads available, some renumbering had to take place (thanks to RunnerDuck’s MDBCloner - I started with rjshae’s MDB Config, but unfortunately found a rare bug where the clone’s eyes appeared fully white [probably related to the glossy/specular change, see here and here]).

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Ah, great, 4760! One can contact Jude on the Discord channel, I believe.

The head I’m talking about here is P_EEM_Head208 (the number is 208 but I’m not sure EEM is the one used in this case since there’s one EDM, ELM, ESM and EWM also, but perhaps that doesn’t matter) . Appearance: Elf, Subrace: Moon Elf in this particular case.

Yeah, as you know I had some problems and bugs when renumbering armors with MDBConfig and Rashi told me to use MDBCloner instead.

EEM for elven male (moon elf)
EDM for drow
ELM for wild elf
ESM for sun elf
EWM for wood elf
EHM for half-elf
ERM for half-drow

By the way, the P_E?M_Head208.mdb are here:


Thank you! Have downloaded and will try it out.

Edit: Amazing, @4760! Looks great now! :grinning:

I forgot to ask: do you want the eyelids and lips moving during cutscenes? This head doesn’t have this feature.

That would of course be great, if it’s not too much work for you.

I just had a problem with this head, though. When putting him in the game it’s like when you modified another head for me, that the collision box seems to be too large. At least it BEHAVES that way. When placing him in an area in the toolset the collision boxes look fine from what I can tell. But when trying ingame there is constantly a talk bubble wherever you move the mouse, and before it was because of the collision box, I believe. Could you maybe check if this is just on my end? Maybe there’s something else going on. I tried different things but it is clearly this character that makes this “bug” appear, so it has to do with that new head of yours (I think).

I tested with changing his head and then the problem went away so…again, it has to be something with the new head.

Sorry! (and I knew I had to do it!!!)
I’ll add the lips and eyelids bones to the head and upload the fixed version tomorrow.

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Great! Thanks! :grinning:

@4760 By the way, maybe this is too much to ask but…if you could also get female head 218 (P_EEF_Head218) from the Faces of Neverwinter Elf Pack 1 to move her lips when during cutscenes that would be totally awesome. These two characters are part of the same cutscene so…

Again, just asking. If you don’t have time to do them both then it’s not a big deal. I was prepared initially to have none of them moving their lips.

Quick rigging, but I guess that should do the trick:

Of course, if some vertices are influenced too much, don’t hesitate to ask for a revision!

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Thank you, 4760! It works now (no big collision boxes or anything) and the lips look ok.

However, I’m now wondering if I really should be using the 208 head. As with many of the heads in the Faces of Neverwinter pack, the eyes are faulty. In most cases I have not cared before and though it was acceptable, but in this case it was a bit too obvious. When asking Jude about this about half a year ago or something, he apoligized and said that he knew about these problems but that it would take quite a bit of time to fix the eyes. As I don’t know anything about modeling I can only take his word for it.

I think I know why. Let me check and revert with an improved file…

In this archive, you’ll get three files:

  • first, try P_EEM_Head208 alone (you’ll recognize it as the pupils are very big)
  • if that doesn’t solve the issue, revert to the original model (just in case, it’s the P_EEM_Head208 eye pb I added) and replace P_EEM_skel208.gr2 with the one in the archive.
    If none of the above fixes the issue, I’ll have to dig deeper (before this though, could you try your cutscene with P_EEM_Head01 and see if the eyes are OK with it? If not, I’m afraid there’s nothing I would be able to do).

Alright, I just got home from work and has tested your archive now.

Yes, apart from that the eyes seem to be a bit too much out of their sockets, they seem to be “stable” now, if you get what I mean. The eyes don’t move backards and forwards.


When doing this it looks like before. The eyes move backwards and forwards and it’s particularly distracting on this head.


If you mean the regular head 1 for moon elves then it looks great.


That’s easy to fix, the idea was at first to see where to look.

OK, that confirms what I suspected (namely, that just copying P_EEM_skel01.gr2 and renaming P_EEM_skel208.gr2 was not enough)

Which is another clue that skel208 cannot just be copied from an existing head.

Thanks for the report @andgalf, I know what to do now. Busy day tomorrow, so I’m afraid it will have to wait for the week-end.

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Alright, thanks for taking the time trying to fix this!

My answer was probably for the case where an entire random creature model goes wacky and tries to attach itself to another creature or an area point. Iirc that would happen if a creature in the area doesn’t have an assigned appearance. Very tricky to fix since you have to figure out which creature it is and select it despite it not being selectable. It’s not the problem here though.

@kamal Ah, yes, now I remember which situation this was, and it was indeed somewhere on Discord I asked you this.

Oh yes!!!