Weird tileset problem [SOLVED]

I’m struggling with an area. I downloaded and wanted to heavily modify this prefabarea here:

I changed a tile at one place. I first erased it and then replaced it with another. It’s the Standard Interior 1_wall I want to use. However, as soon as I use this and bake, it looks like this:

Somehow, for reasons I don’t understand, there’s a small area that’s unwalkable. At first when I place the tile, the wall is at that spot. When I rotate it so that the wall is at the correct place, I then bake it, but then that area there is unwalkable, like there’s still a wall there.

Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong? I suck at areas, that’s why I almost always use prefab areas that I only slightly edit.

EDIT: Ok, I found the solution. Apparently you need to turn the tile correctly before you left click it so that it sticks in its place. If you don’t, like I did, and turn it afterwards, then this weird bake behaviour appears. Really odd that you have to do it in that exact order, but hey, I know, NWN2 toolset is weird.