This category is intended to give folks in education interested in using the toolset a forum for exchanging ideas, showing off successes and weeping together when kids just don’t appreciate us or the toolset !

Some of you will know that myself and a Computing teacher friend of mine have been using the toolset for the past year with a class of Games Design students. From our point of view the course has gone very well - world pandemics aside - and the kids have enjoyed it.

Beamdog have been great supporters of what we have been doing, providing copies of the game for us to work with and any technical help we’ve needed ( I’m thinking multiplayer here). Recently, Niv came to us and asked if it would be useful if we had a forum such as this to encourage more teachers to pick up and run with the game and toolset.

So, this is for any teachers out there who have been swithering about whether to attempt to fit the toolset into one of their courses. My background is in English teaching so I’ve been pushing the storytelling part of the course whereas Matthew is more a custom assets kind of guy. I know from exchanges and PM s that there are at least three or four more teachers out there currently using the toolset or looking to do something in this area.

So, welcome to anyone in education out there but also to the Vault regulars. Without a lot of you here with your much needed advice and positivity we wouldn’t have had as much fun as we have. I like to think if teachers do frequent this category you will continue to be as forthcoming with ideas and help.

For my part, we have loads of materials sitting up on my Google Drive ready to be shared if anyone finds them useful and I know there are others who can bring a lot to any discussions. If any teachers out there are just curious about our exploits have a look at the blog I’ve kept over the year as a starting point or just put up a post here introducing yourself and what you might like to do. It really is pretty easy to get started with the toolset.

For me, the toolset is a magnificent Educational resource in many areas, whether it’s Computing, English, Art, Music and deserves as wide an audience as possible. I hope any educational lurkers out there are encouraged to dip a toe in the water.


Welcome, this is a great new addition to the Vault Forums.

I’ve been around for quite some time and am well-versed in many areas of NWN design, including scripting, custom content creation, and the toolset. I’ve worked with many projects over the past 15+ years: NwnE, CTP, and Project Q not to mention tons of smaller projects (mostly stuff for personal use). I’m more than happy to pass along my knowledge.

I actually used the toolset a few years ago while homeschooling my son (he was 12 at the time). He really enjoyed the “class” and I feel his experience with the toolset greatly improved his writing skills - in the sense that his writing has become more organized and his ideas more well-developed. He also mastered his typing skills with all the scripting I made him do.


I suppose it’s the ideal lockdown activity at the moment ! It doesn’t really take a lot to get a project started. I came across the toolset last january, liked what I saw, showed it to Matthew and offered to come in and help him introduce it as I’m retired. The rest is history . .

I’m sure there might be others in my position with a bit of time. All it might take is contacting your local secondary school, offering to show the Principal Teacher Computing what the toolset can do and maybe being prepared to go in and help occasionally with it.