What are cassowaries?!

What are they? Are they actually a data format? Why are they not giant velociraptor birds? Is this new?

Please excuse me, I am very confused.

To clarify, I was minding my own business, Getting Local Ints, when I filtered functions in the script editor by the string “local.” To my surprise, the function DeleteLocalCassowary was on deck. Cue my confusion. While I find the ability to delete a rampaging cassowary to be incredibly timely, I’m not sure that’s what this is referring to.

Jasperre put up a writeup on the lexicon with some links:


In a nutshell, a Cassowary is a linear constraint solver. You can specify some limits and have the cassowary spit out a solution. They were added to the game to support some new gui functions, so the devs exposed them for builders in case we have apps for them too.

We already have solutions for a lot of things you could use them for - like XP systems, and so on. But if you have something where “close is good enough” and “the exact maths are hard, or expensive”, cassowaries may be worth learning more about.