What are some challenging custom modules for NWN2?

I am playing Storm of Zehir with 3 of my friends right now (there are 4 of us). This is my first experience with Neverwinter Nights 2.

I find the game good, generally.
I like the dialogue system (allowing each player to feel important when they have unique dialogue options).
The crafting is weird, I don’t have an opinion about it yet, but I like that there is no need to have two “crafting mules”, one of whom can cast Divine spells, and the other casting Arcane spells.

  1. I spend way too much time Alt+Tabbed while the leader is doing things like trading
  2. Trading brings crazy amounts of money, allowing us to ignore a good amount of prices. At the same time, at the beginning prices on everything are so high that we basically could hardly afford anything.
  3. Even though we haven’t crafted top-tier gear yet, we are too strong for most enemies we encounter even though we play on a hard difficulty (normal D&D rules, not the hardest one). We could increase the difficulty to make things way too weird, and if we do, we will have to spend more time on buffs like Stoneskin and on healing, but won’t change the fact the most enemies are no challenge for us. There are some hard fights that we could pick, but it will only make the easy ones be even more boring.
  4. Unlimited resting makes me, a Sorcerer, almost forget that I have limited spell slots, as we can rest after almost every fight.

So, I want a multiplayer campaign or a module that will:

  1. Allow all of the party members to get involved.
  2. Have a balanced economy.
  3. Be challenging.
  4. Limit resting options, making time an actual issue.
  5. Create a (subjectively) fun experience.

Any suggestions?

Perhaps try perusing the NWN2 Hall of Fame modules linked from the front page?

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