What are your favorite/must-have override haks?

Oh, wait - it doesn’t. I forgot to remove the GUI files from the override folder when I tested it. Actually, with the dds hak, even more elements of the default GUI are kept. So apparantly there’s no way around using the override folder for this.

It’s working for me. Woah, empty override folder for the first time in decades!

Note, the dds files didn’t seem to work when in override so it could be that?

No, I used the dds files as a hakpak via userpatch.ini. Some GUI elements were present, others weren’t.

Odd. I have Custom Menus working as a patch hak - all those GUI elements work for me (as dds).

Any idea which files aren’t working?

Not really, only that with .tga in the hak it were the graphics for the window sliders and the “Customize Character” button in the character selection menu, with .dds in the hak it was the whole character selection menu GUI.

But it’s not a big problem, I can continue to use the override folder for files like the GUI which I hardly ever switch out anyway, and use the patch for more temporary stuff I want to try.

Also I think it wasn’t mentioned. NIT allows to manage overrides. Definitely an alternative to patch-haks.


Does anyone have the link of the one that has the vanilla heads with PLT support for the eye color?

PLT Upgrades for Heads by the Realm of Mythology team. I highly recommend this one.

Personally I prefer patch hak to override for convenience. I have had the tendency in the past to dump everything into my override folder making it super bulky and very difficult to search through for content that conflicts or just doesn’t appeal. I’ve not had any major issues with the patch hak method, with the exception of gui haks which only seem to work correctly as overrides.

Old thread, but this information might be useful.

GUI mods will work as patch haks after you convert all TGAs inside them to DDS format.

So do I take from this that I can only use some retexture overrides as patch haks if I convert all .tga files they contain into .dds before? Strange thing is, Zwerkules’ facelift contains a number of .tga files, and it’s explicitly meant to be used as a patch hak. Would love to have some clarity on this! :slight_smile:

Zwerkules’ facelift stuff retextures game elements (3d models) not GUI elements. I believe the issue is that the GUI elements have to be DDS to work in a patch hak.

Some other sources would indicate that .dds files always take precedence over .tga files, though. Are you sure that only applies to GUI? And if not, how come Zwerkules’ .tga files seem to be intended to work fine without .dds equivalents? @TheAmethystDragon @Grymlorde, it would be really helpful if you could shed some definitive light on the question. In all honesty, I wouldn’t be able to tell with confidence whether some of my patch haks really work as intended despite relying on .tga files.

I’ve been using the Ravenloft GUI both directly as an override as well as a patch-hak. When I tried bundling everything up as a hak, not all GUI elements overwrote. Whereas when placed directly in the override folder, I get consistent results. It appears that it is the TGA textures that are finicky. Works the same for both 1.69 and EE. This is why I use the Ravenloft GUI as an override but everything else as patch-haks. I haven’t tried converting the TGA to DDS, so I don’t know if that works.

With regards to non-GUI elements, It’s been a different experience. For example, the creature override that I use is almost 99% TGA and it works fine. Whereas for the kobolds, the TGA works fine in the patch hak but not the DDS, IIRC. Weird.

In other words, put GUI TGA and creature DDS in the override; put GUI DDS and creature TGA in patch-haks.

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I didn’t say anything about the precedence or it only applying to GUI. All I said was it seems to work best if GUI elements are DDS in patch haks from what I could see. Never had an issue using TGA files for model textures (creatures, placeables etc). Zwerkules’ facelift stuff is most if not all the latter so it works fine as a patch hak(s).

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And to add to the confusion, the game keeps GUI elements in TGA format in BIF files, so obviously it is fully capable of loading them at startup. It just refuses to acknowledge their existence in patch haks.

For what it’s worth, my limited examples support the finding that for GUI elements, only .dds works in patch hak.

I remember on a PW I’ve sometimes played on, there was a custom item, a wand or rod, that would let you cast all your standard buffs automatically, at the click of a button, which was very practical (I acknowledge that something like that can cause balancing issues but I think it only worked outside of combat and mostly just saved you some time that you’d have spent idling/waiting otherwise).

Does anyone know if something like that would work as an override to be used in the OC or other modules, and if there is something like that available for NWN on the Vault somewhere? (So far I only found it for NWN2.)

Asking for this guy:

It is totally possible. You would have to command line yourself the actual item, or use a new character made in the custom module provided, but it’s wholly feasible.

Also, there are no real balance issues. This is not like a sequencer or insta-buffer, and the one below only que’s up the spells, but you still have to cast them. It also doesn’t work in combat. It just saves you a bunch of clicking.


From what I see it casts all of them instantly at the same time, but that’s actually preferable. The only downside is that there doesn’t seem to be any way to remove spells from it again. The one from the PW was a bit more elaborate, I think it had a menu dialogue for storing and removing spells. But this one works reasonably well already, thanks!