What causes complete buildings not to load?

I reloaded the save, reinstalled all the HAK packs.
I could understand if it was just the city of Beregost, but it is even in a sparsely filled rural map.

Well, the most likely reasons are:

  1. your placeables.2da file now has empty lines where the buildings were (i.e. you’ve got a conflict because of several placeables.2da in the haks)
  2. the normal map is missing (if I remember correctly, you don’t get a “missing 2D map” texture in that case).
  3. the buildings mdb are missing.

I’d rather bet on the first reason though.


I was a conflicting placeables.2da file.
Strange that it took until so far into the campaign to cause a problem, but it’s fine now.
Could it be that the Vault of the Dammed I module, loads a hak pack that wasn’t needed earlier in the campaign, or are all hak packs loaded from the beginning of the campaign?