What Determines Walk/Attack Animations?

Hi All,

After updating my hak with some new creatures and testing, I noticed that the (Ree) “Harvester” creature does not appear to always WALK and never appears to ATTACK (even though they are attacking), because the animations are inconsistent or do not appear to show any animation.

Is there a “creature” limit with respect to proximity of a player position (in appearance.2da) that allows for animations to work?

EDIT: When “walking” the creature sometimes just “slides” across the room.

Thanks in advance, Lance.

The Harvester doesn’t have an attack animation. One was never made for it.

This is true even for PC! I’m not sure what’s causing this, I’d bet it’s a mix of distance to walk and available walkable space (I’m not sure it happened outdoors, but it sure does - repeatedly - when tilesets are involved).

Hi All,

Ah, that explains that then … It was the first one I tested and I thought it was me! Also, thanks for your creature collection list, it helped me amalgamate the missing creatures. :slight_smile:

And that explains that too … I must admit I have seen it happen on a rare occasion, but as this appeared a consistent problem with this creature, I did not know what to think. Good to know that it is not just me then. And thank you for all the great stuff you have done … I saw your stuff come up quite a bit. :slight_smile:

Cheers all, Lance.