What Has Been Your Hardest NWN2 Combat & Why?

Hi All,

The title says it all … I was just interested to hear what makes a challenging combat for players?

I mean I know some combats are a little trickier than others in general, simply due to level differences, but has there been a particular combat tactic that an enemy has used on your party than causes you the biggest headache/combat issues?

As an example of one of my own situations: I found when my characters are confused it can be difficult.

Thanks in advance, Lance.

Most recent aaarghh I experienced was at that Blacklake noble family tomb when that shadow zealot priest blinded four out of five characters real quickly. Luckily, my heroes came through, victorious 8)
Confusion and similar effects, really are a royal pain-the-arse (Shandra attacking Elanee and Elanee not reacting in any way, just bearing the indignity…)


NWN2 is not really a “hard” game, the only fights that I remember are Ammon Jerro and the King of Shadows, but more for storyline reasons than difficulty.
I can see that the final boss of MoTB can be problematic with certain builds since you face him solo (or well, at least in my playthrough I was forced to solo him).

In custom content some of the hardest fights were on Realms of Trinity and Kingdom of Haven, although they tipically were DM spawned uber fights clearly overtuned for the party with infinite Resses provided by the DM themselves. People dying and ressing right away all the time, oh well. More like chaotic than difficult.


Some types of fights I find more challenging:

  1. Facing a Boss monster and a mass of lesser minions. If you focus on the Boss then the minions just wear you down. As often as not you need to crush the minions first while delaying the Boss.
  2. An enemy reserve shows up later, on an unprotected flank, after your main forces are already committed.
  3. Teleporting enemies that can jump in next to your glass cannon. An example is the phase spider.

Speaking of which, has anybody implemented a phase spider monster, complete with AI? :slightly_smiling_face:

Ed.: there’s a phase spider model with custom script in 4760’s Wraith spiders family pack.


I had a lot of complaints about an area in Path of Evil. Toned down iron golems with added wizard levels. They were meant to be weak iron golems with a few wizard spells, up to level 5 spells at most, basically essentially a pre-buffed wizard (via the construct traits) with more hitpoints than a normal wizard. I set their CR based on that and put them in as dungeon encounters. I anticipated the player would find this dungeon around level 10 to 13, and have mostly +2 items with +2 elemental damage on weapons.

But the construct and wizard levels stacked for spellcasting purposes when I didn’t mean them too, causing them to get epic spells via the caster packages. Did I mention they appeared in packs?

I had to tone their defenses down, and increase their CR, three or four times.


Those Path of Evil golems were rough at higher levels. I think they get edged out by the demilich in that mod though. It’s crypt was packed with some of the worst undead available and the final fight at the end was usually reached only after most of the best spells, potions, etc had been exhausted and the fight would be… embarrassingly short. The treasure for the fight was, however, hilarious given the context of the mod.


Toughest fight in the OC was probably the Orc ambush after you find the Wendersnaven Kazoo. Mostly because the first time it happens you really are surprised and probably aren’t buffed yet.

Tough but interesting; trying to penetrate a layered defense: tanks, archers, spell casters, and traps arrayed in depth. In other words, a proper defense the way any sane supervillain would set it up if not brain damaged (i.e. handicapped by bad writing). I love those if I have time to recon the enemy position with my sneaky characters.

Tough but annoying; Harp and Chrysanthemum comes to mind. You’ve slogged through a pretty decent adventure only to sit through a long cut-scene then have your buffs stripped before facing a final boss plus cannon fodder that has no relationship whatsoever to the combats up to that point. IOW it’s only tough because nothing else in the adventure prepares you for it.

Tough defensive fights seem a lot harder to write. Defenders of Neseloodin had a pretty decent final battle. The Dana’an modules had some really great defensive fights but suffered from very buggy scripts.


Yes but when you enter that dungeon, you are unavoidable told before you enter the dungeon proper that that particular dungeon is both optional and intentionally the most dangerous place around, making it a Bonus Dungeon. (And yes I intentionally jerked you around with the reward.)

The wizard golems were not optional, which is why I felt it’s more difficult. The difficulty level just suddenly jumps up to stupid out of nowhere.


Goblins in Arvahn at the Riverguard Keep. Shamans are, as expected, annoying as hells but even normal footpads carrying swords with large shields (yes) were difficult to even land a hit for my 15 16 lvl characters characters.
And the iron golem at the Gem Mines… oh, you need special kind of sonic damage to injure it? Aaahh, well okay, good thing that Elanee had those Crumble spells at her beck and call… oh darn, she hadn’t memorized them at all.
Oh well, I’ll just reload an earlier save and try again…


In the NWN2 Icewind Dale remake, the mad mage with the pet iron golems can be a bit rough.


My hardest NWN2 combat was the Boss fight of Harp and Chrysanthemum. My poor Wizard was killed several times. I even tried buffing before the fight. The module removed my buffs as the fight started. I would not recommend a straight spell castor for that module. I did manage to complete it with an Arcane Archer/ Wizard though. After several more tries.


I thought the final fight of SoZ was difficult. I felt underleveled and ended up farming a bunch more random overland encounters to level up before beating it. Also, it’s the only time I had to really full-buff before the fight (I used just about every buff the second time rather just the normal long duration buffs + haste).

If I recall the SOZ setup, it had lots of decent HP spell casters spread out in the back, with awkard geometry confusing your movements, and a high HP / high BAB / high damage monster in the front wrecking your guys if they don’t move.

No real “soft” targets and every enemy can do a lot of damage if ignored, and hard to move around / kite because of barriers & static items.

Most NWN2 fights are hard though only because you’re underleveled or you haven’t figured out some trick (high DR that you can’t get through, spells that you haven’t prepared immunities for). Items are just too good in most modules, and kiting to thin out enemies is also a big advantage to the player.


Hi Phill,

I believe there was a final fight I struggled with in one of the final fights of a NWN2 game, but I cannot recall which of the three games it was. I did note that one of my buff spells (or an immunity I had) appeared not to work, which meant one of my PCs kept becoming affected, when I thought they should not have been.

If I recall correctly, I even edited the spell script that the enemy was affecting me with to ignore those with “immunity” to such attacks. (The “immunity” check appeared to be missing.) Sure enough, after I edited the check back in, it allowed me to eventually beat the enemy. If I ever recall what battle that was and what the spell had been, I will let you know. :slight_smile: (I believe I posted about it at the time, but those forums have disappeared a long time ago now.)

Thanks, Lance.

Shadow Reavers, they emit an energy wave that will knock down characters who should be immune.

Hi GCoyote,

I am not sure if it was just that, but I thought it was something to do with some sort of “mind” attacks - immunity to something that stopped me in my tracks that should not have done … but, as I say, it was a long while ago and I cannot recall the exact circumstances.

Maybe I will play it again one day and then post about it if it happens again. :slight_smile:

Cheers, Lance.

Those things in the beginning you have to shoot with a ranged weapon. Constructs of some sort. Can’t remember what they’re called. They kicked my ass.

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Made me chuckle!

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In the beginning of what?

Fihelis Estate and the Githyanki Hideout in the Merchant Quarter. Not annoyingly owerpowering, but challenging enough.

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Trial and Trerror. the campaign is one huge dungeon filled with ridiculously hard epic fights…There was this crazy gnome lich whith way over 30 HD who could cast quickened breach + bigby’s + missile storms all day. The Epic Campaign offers a similar feel difficulty wise. When 5+ Epic warlocks concentrate their blasts at one char, it’s over.

In The last of the Danaan mod there’s alot of realistic and tactical combat, you HAVE to use positioning, stelth, traps, potions and whatever spells you got in the best way possible. My Ranger/Druid used to turn into a pin cushion for arrows a bit too often.

Also if you’ re using reeron’s spell fixes, every fight with greater invisible opponents is a nightmare if you don’t have a way of dispelling. Enemies with assassin levels = pissing in pants.

End of Legends in the Kingdom of Algard had countless encounters with respawing outsiders. Very tough but not in a creative way. Also controlling a 9 person party is a pain.

The OC and even MOTB are too easy, they practically require no tactical thinking at all. The OC can be won by Khelgar, Qara and Neeska alone while in motb you are so powerful and overequipped that it just isn’t funny. Some fights can feel moderately hard, like the 600hp gnolls in thay or the vampire monks if you haven’t the right spells.