What i need to make my own Prestige class?

well people i want to make my own prestige class , what i need? how can i edit the classes that exist in nwn to my new class? of course with the rules of dnd, nothing new, build a class with the existing elements

Here ya go: https://neverwintervault.org/project/nwn1/other/nwn-university-document-help-pdf-reference-guide-tutorial-xls-collection

There’s a tutorial on it in here - search the page for “prestige”, and it’ll jump you right to it.

I know that, but i have found programs that are useless to edit 2da,hak and tlk. What programs i need?

For editing 2da files, all you need is a text editor.

I use this for editing TLK files, personally:

And TAD’s uploaded nwhak.exe over here:

I personally use notepad++ for all my plain text needs and that is all that 2da files are.

Now not needed as nwhak comes with both (1.69 and EE) as standard. Which version are you using?


I’m on 8175 at the moment, but I’ve had nwhak.exe set up as a shortcut since before the EE anyway. X_x Should probably start reading the patchlogs more thoroughly. Thank you, Tarot.

Checking - yes, nwhak.exe is in the BeamdogLibrary -> 00840 -> win32 -> utils folder. Mental bookmarks updated for future reference.

Thanks people could you guide me in this please???

I’d suggest starting off by reading Papermonk’s tutorial, and following along with the instructions there.

It’ll be easier for us to help once you’ve got specific questions. One big problem with modding is that there’s just too much that’s possible to do; until you’ve got exact goals (“How do I make a tree float?”, “How do turn a table blue?”, “My horse is turning into a tapdancing cicada in irregular intervals and that’s not supposed to be happening, how do I make it stop?”), it’s difficult for other people to offer guidance.

You’re going to need the files of an existing prestige class, for sure, and you’ll want to open those files in a text editor and alter them.

Proleric’s uploaded the 1.69 2das over here, too - all the 2da files for prestige classes should be in there.

Here’re some links to wiki entries on classes.2da, cls_pres_.2da, cls_feat_.2da, and cls_bfeat_*.2da.

Hey TB I’d like to see that horse turn into a tap dancing cicada. That is funny.:rofl:

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Having lived in Oklahoma and Texas for most of my life. I’ve seen a lot of horses and cicadas.

it is the same way for NWN EE im using that nwn

It should be. BD’ve placed a high priority on staying backwards compatible, so all the old methods for content creation/modification should stay viable. Just muck about with the .2das; change things, see what happens. :slight_smile: If you run into trouble, first try googling the issue to see if it’s already been solved by somebody else, and then come shout here.

You’ll want to set up an entry for the new prestige class in classes.2da first of all. Try cloning one of the classes.2da entries for an existing prestige class, and reference the wiki entries for the 2das for what the individual columns do.

^- Cloned Assassin class, on it’s own row in the 2da.

Then, get it into the game to test. As long as the module you’re playing doesn’t have it’s own version of classes.2da attached, it should be enough to put it into your override folder.