What is the Best The Spires of Ravenloft module?

Hi all,

It has been more than 10 years without playing NN, Last week I bought NWN EE and came back to the community, back in the days, I used to play a lot of mods and mod my stuff to improve my gameplay, now I don’t remember a thing, and I want to play again The Spires of Ravenloft, but I can’t remember what version is the best one.

What version do you recommend?

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This should be the most polished /recent version.You could also play “Return to Ravenloft” and “Ravenloft, beyond the gate” by firestarter if you want a big Ravenloft adventure which concludes in the spires.


Thanks Nathan, back in the days I used to spend hours with a pair of friends playing the Ravenloft mods (with Castlevania music), especially Spires of Ravenloft, due to the fact that for 10 years I was a Ravenloft Dungeon Master, was our favorite game :slight_smile:

I also think so, Nathan.

If you are looking for other adventures in Ravenloft settings check https://neverwintervault.org/article/reference/modules-listed-prime-material-plane-nwn1#ravenloft

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Amazing Post Werelynx, thanks a lot!!!