What is the boomerang item property?

In the list on item properties that you can add properties to like acid damage, feats etc. there is a boomerang one which I’ve never noticed before. It’s not on all items and I’ve found it on a miscellaneous small one ( astral rodent charm that I was changing ).

I did a search on the internet but can’t find it. Does it do the “boomerang thing” and give you your ammo back, because you can’t put it on a bow it’s not an option ? Because that’s a pretty good property to have if you’re an archer with mega arrows.

I don’t think it does anything :sob:

I put it on an item, gave the PC a bow and some arrows and killed some creatures and it doesn’t show up on the item, or the player and you still use up arrows.

Well it wouldn’t mean much on a bow. Try it on a hammer and see if you can get Mloninjr (sp) out of it.

There are some ‘returning’ weapons in Return of the Exile and I was wondering how he did that.

I’ve never heard of this. Sounds quite interesting. So this feat means the weapon behaves like a boomerang? Is it appliable for all thrown weapons or something like that? Have you managed to get it to work yet, Tsongo?

guess those items are done through custom scripting, recreating the weapon after a certain amount of time. there’s an old post from sunjammer regarding the property on the neverwintervault, disclosing that it was never fixed. the comment was from 2009, so take it with a grain of salt, but at that time i think obsidian was done rolling out patches.


Interesting. This is not something that’s in the NWN2fixes by kevL_s I take it?

no, that’s sunjammer’s item property fixes.

Ok. Misunderstanding here, I think. What I meant was: This is (the boomerang property) not something that kevL_s has tampered with and fixed in his NWN2fixes, I take it?

nope, don’t think so … (either) don’t use it (or rescript it to work) and it shouldn’t be a problem.

In the fairly ancient “Item Blueprints for NWN2” set, the ‘winc_tag_based_scripts’ include file has a set of routines for a returning thrown weapon. It is used, for example, in the i_bbtx_hangard_bqs_* and i_bbdt_boomrng_bgs_* item scripts. At the time I tested it out quite a bit and it seemed to work reliably. I haven’t looked at it for a while though, so maybe the bits have rotted.

Maybe somebody could give it a try and let me know if it works for them?

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Nevermind… I just wanted to stick it on something and give the property, because it can be put on a miscellaneous item I thought it would just return all ammo if you had that item in your inventory but obviously not. I can’t see people wanting to get carried away with a boomerang because it has no weapon focus feat etc and has anybody ever specialised in axe throwing ? I can’t remember putting throwing axes in any of my mods.

I know the amount of arrows you can carry gets beyond belief but imagine roaming about with 400 throwing axes !

Thank you.


Well that’s the handy thing about a returning throwing ax.


In my Silverwand collection I have both returning thrown weapons and several scripted melee weapons that can be thrown and automatically return like the Hammer of Thunderbolts.