What is the difference with these heads?

I was looking for some female heads to paint on and couldn’t find number 11 onwards of the female human heads, so having searched through all the data files I then discovered ( by accident ) them as not P_HHF etc. but N_HHF etc. instead what is this for and what does it mean ?

Also why are a couple of them blind, I looked at their mdb files and they have eyes ?

I made a blind person by accident by calling it head 051 instead of 51 could wrong numbering make a difference with these heads ?

This is I guess a naming convention used for the important NPC.
It also means you cannot use these heads or clothes for player characters.

Yes, it will make them invisible (or crash the game).

4760… Thank you I’m going to see if I can make them playable as a completely different head number they don’t look that important or different.

But what’s with the blind ones ? When I did the wrong numbering my new painted head had the same no eye problem, not even holes where they should be. Almost as if the eye hole on the texture was filled in and covering the eye. When I changed the number and took out the 0 they had eyes and I hadn’t changed anything else only the one texture and mdb file now had no zero in front of the number.

Can you share the head? It may be as simple as a UV mapping problem (read: the part of the texture for the eyes is not at the place indicated in the mdb data).

4760… The heads are the normal ones in the toolset they’ve always been there, just blind and useless. They are numbers 12 and 13 for human females. I checked the data model file and they must be N_HHF_Head12 and 13 and after opening the mdb I checked and their eyes and all the files exist in the materials.

That’s why I thought I was on to something when I created a blind person by putting a 0 in front of the texture and mdb number as she had the same problem… No eyes !

4760… I just did an experiment and renamed the head files with the number 47 ( Not the eyes just the main textures ) and changed the mdb to head 47 and guess what… She’s got eyes now ! So I don’t know what’s going on or why that happened.

There’s nothing in my override that could clash with head 12 and 13 at all but now I have a new never used NPC head. If I change it to P_HHF instead of N_HHF does that make it playable ?

Yes, N_Human uses the P_HH?_skel.

Actually, there’s no need for the texture file to have the same name as the mdb. It’s just easier, but as long as there’s a diffuse map (the main texture) and a normal map (the _n texture), you can use the names you want (limited to 32 characters though).

Strange, they’re not for me.

Well, I don’t know if it’s the renumbering of the texture or the cloning of the head (that reset the internal head mesh and eyes mesh numbers too), or something in your override (what’s making me think that is that you apparently had these heads already with white eyes, which is not the way they should look like!)

There’s nothing in my override apart from what I’m doing and the module has no hak it’s just a one area test thing. Something definitely reset because they’ve always been blind and I never used them.

This is really weird and now some of their hairstyles leave a bald patch ! They are cursed !

OK here’s the issue, if I make the mdbs N_HHF they go blind but have good hair and if I make them P_HHF they can see but have bald patches ! So how does that work ? They were always blind before because they were the normal P_HHF files. As for playing as them they look totally different with really bad hair so if I put them in a mod as P files it would lead to shocking character selection horrors !

( The mdb files are exactly the same just with a different name ! )

These are the mdbs if anybody wants to see what I mean… Put them in a NWN2_Models folder in your override and select female human head 12, 13, 42 and 43 with the toolset, try different hairstyles as some are worse than others.

12 and 13 are blind and 42 and 43 can see but have bad hair but they all use the same materials files !

If they all work fine then I think something’s wrong with my original data files.

I’ll have a look tomorrow (too late now for me). I guess it has something to do with the skel gr2 file or the appearance.2da.

I’m afraid you’re right there…
See below what heads #12 and #13 from your upload look like:

and here’s a screenshot for heads #42 and #43:

As you can see, the hair are different, but still show as expected.

The only issue I see is that the eyes and cheekbones tend to move out of the face. This is easy to fix though: from lod_merged.zip (in NWN2 install \Data folder), extract N_HHF_skel12.gr2 and N_HHF_skel13.gr2 into your override (or module or campaign) folder.
Then rename them to P_HHF_skel12.gr2 and P_HHF_skel13.gr2 (or P_HHF_skel42.gr2 and P_HHF_skel43.gr2) depending on whether you want to use the #12 and #13 or #42 and #43 sets.

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Maybe not… It depends also if you have MotB:

P_HHF_Head13 was corrected in X1 data files.

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4760… Thanks for investigating for me, I do have MotB and that file is in there so I’m going to start “fiddling” with that one instead to see what happens and I’ll start moving skeletons too !

Many thanks for all your help !

I’ve got no idea what just happened there but all heads are working fine. I put the skeletons in the override and renamed them with a P but left the numbers then put the two models from X1 into the override and made a couple more as 42 and 43.

I now have four normal non blind heads with normal hair and they even work if you want to use them as a character yourself with no issues. I’ve changed nothing in any of the files !

Maybe my game was having a clash with the X1 files and not using them properly but it now had to listen to the override, it probably didn’t help with me using the original ones either but with the mdb I only changed the number so surely it would’ve got the right files for the actual character !

Whatever it was I’m happy now so once again thank you 4760 !

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You’re welcome.
Glad to have helped!

Hi guys. It’s funny but I’ve just spent some time messing around with the npc heads myself. I converted two (Kana and Kaelyn) to P_HHF and modified them to work with most hairs (thanks to freshlook’s) tool. I also had trouble with eyes but I think the mesh just needs to have the same number as the head. N_ has its own line in appearance.2da, and some npcs also have lines specific to them.

ChuckerIINO… I’ll investigate the appearance 2da if I get another issue, thanks for the warning.