What is the proper Substance Painter export setup for NWN:EE's PBR textures?

Still new to using Substance Painter and this may be a tutorial question for that, but what would be the best export setup for NWN:EE? I tend to use PBR Metal/Roughness, but some use PBR Glossiness/Specular. Issue I see with both, is each setup has one of the MTR Textures needed for proper use within NWN:EE, so how would one go about getting both Roughness and Specular Maps in the same Substance Painter project and exported maps? I would like to be able to see them both working at the same time within the layer stack so I know what I see in the Viewport, is what it will look like in game.

Also, I know you can always export resources directly from the Texture shelf into whatever location on your computer you choose, so that is not an issue for me and am aware I could make two projects, one that uses PBR Glossiness/Specular and one PBR Metal/Roughness, but I have yet to figure out how to keep all layers and effects the exact same or import them into a new project, or switch them from one render setup to another, and make them look the way they are intended. That is why I know part of this may be a Substance Painter tutorial question as it is a NWN:EE MTR texture question, but I know that once you figure out how the shader works in a certain game engine, and setup the project to fit this, usually what you see as you create, is exactly what you will see in the game engine.

Curious if anybody has any info I am not aware of about the new NWN:EE shader system, that could help me within Substance Painter. Thanks!

I would suggest you come on discord nwvault channel. The devs hang out there and people with great knowledge about the game :slight_smile: We as a group can answer pretty much any questions you may have about nwn ee.