What NWN2 Modules Are Currently Being Built?

H i All,

I just wanted to find out: Who else is currently building a module? … If you are happy to share such info that is. :slight_smile: I thought it may help to encourage one another.

I will start the ball rolling with the fact that I am currently building module two for The Scroll.

Now can any other builders advertise the module they are currently working on … and do you have a blog to read to help encourage?

Thanks, Lance.


I am building one.
A module very inspired by Dark Souls 3.
A soul like module.
I am at a good point of build.


There’s a weird guy who is currently reproducing the Paper Module scenario by Bruce R. Cordell, named “The Sunless Citadel”.
Ha, ha, ha! He thinks this childish and boring module will interest people! What a fool. Ha, thoses French Canadian :maple_leaf: , they’re so backward… :crazy_face:

Have a nice day and take care @Lance_Botelle ! :grinning:


I have been working on and off on a JRPG mod for several years (original storyline and rulesets). I had so much support from the community when I reached out and have finally resolved most of the scripting challenges but I have had less time to work on building these days. Thanks for posting this! I already feel inspired


Still working on DQoS (HotU), Chapter 1. Mostly just need to finish the last level. I’ve also worked on another module I’m not ready to talk about yet.


I am trying to do a Hoard of the Dragon Queen + Rise of Tiamat conversion. Currently just in pre-production :smiley:


Module 1 of a campaign I’ve been working on when I have time is 80% done, module 2 is 25% done as well, module 3 is not started but the story line is complete. But like Bob, I prefer not to say anything about it at the moment (not because I want copyright or anything, it’s more to keep the possibility to totally change the story and avoid disappointment because it’s not what I’d have written here, or even because it finally wouldn’t be released).


Hmmmm . . . unfortunately my module building covers a couple modules that I flit back and forth from. So let’s see . . .

  1. The Invasion of Akesoli (an upper level module based on the opening of the old Red Arrow, Black Shield module). 75%
  2. The Woods of Darokin (a low level module that takes the Caverns of Chaos, spreads them out and places it in a different type of setting). 65%
  3. The Oriental Weapon Master (An oriental module based on . . . duh . . . developing a weapon master). Part 1 - 85%)
  4. The Gallic Wars (Sigh . . . started last semester and lost some steam). (50% Part 1)
  5. . . . whatever else strikes my fancy.

Oriental stuff. I love the sound of it! These are atmospheres / theme unfortunately very rarely selected.

A theme that I have always liked but no one I know has ever done it, it is a 1700’s atmosphere. A bit like the French adventure film “Brotherhood of the Wolf” (2001).


I’m currently working on A Strange World 3 (about 40 % is done on that one, I think), and at the same time I’m waiting for 4760 to finish his beta testing of A Strange World 2 (the standalone sequel to A Strange World that was released about a year ago here on the vault), which will be released as soon as he has finished that. All my modules are single player modules in a custom world (or worlds rather) with focus on a light hearted clichéed fantasy story and characters.


I have an unfinished campaign sitting on my hard drive that I have barely touched for about a year. I doubt that counts.


I’m writing the plot/storyline for a module. I decided not to start building until I could lay out all the player decision points and have either cut scenes or convos to handle each. I’ve only just posted the first scene in my blog here. I know how I want to start and I have the main ending figured out. The adventure in the middle where not so much.

I’m also collecting data on existing community content for possible future upgrade projects.

Have to get a new computer first.


throws wood carving “VERY GOOD!”

I’ll be eagerly waiting for this release (or any news!). :smiley:


As for me, I’m building up the foundations for a module, which is setting up to be primarily a City Adventure with some Lovecraftian themes. Plot takes some inspirations from Shadow Over Innsmouth (but highly altered in my draft so far) and gameplay will generally be low-mid magic + low level. I hope to make actual boss fights with unique/special mechanics too.

(Umm… in my enthusiasm I may or may not have missed out the number 2 in the title… though I could do for both eventually.)


So I decided to dust the oriental module off and look under the hood and now I have to change things (since I started it so long ago). AH well, I’ll see what I can do and maybe release it within the next century or so. :grinning:


I have two unfinished campaigns. My first, Gems of Power, is probably too ambitious for me in its current state and I haven’t worked on it too much. The second, Farlong and Away, I initiated a few years back and then paused but have recently begun to think about and will hope to begin developing again soon.


I’m working on a project that I’ve been developing for the last 3 years as time allows me.
Family, work and duty intercede sometimes. I’m working on a NWN prelude story focused
on a one Tomi Undergallows which involves references to his back story in all 4 chapters
of the OC.


The testing module from my unfinished campaign I mentioned above. For the curious: the floor placeables are in there to let me visually know where the triggers are that I am testing. The white lines are shrunken down walls that I use as logical flow indicators. Generic placeables and creatures serve as standins and are not representative of the intended appearances, just there to let me test scripting.

I have this module without any haks to test quests and scripts and such in, I have a separate module to build in that has the custom content needed.This way I can just quickly launch my testing environment rather than wait for everything to load, and don’t have to run around all the maps.


I love this way of thinking. :+1:

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Hello ! I do, I just released it.