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Back in the old days of the EA site there was an off-topic section. One of the more popular threads (after the My Little Pony one (I kid you not)) was one called What are you listening to now. It occurred to me that as (hopefully) these experimental threads will disappear when niv figures how to fully integrate discourse into this site, it might be fun to resurrect that thread on here, at least temporarily and it will let me test whether a certain feature is present in discourse.

So I will kick off this thread. You wait all year for an album that you would like to buy and then 2 appear and are released on the same day. It may seem dichotomous to some but I just happen to like both Blondie and Hawkwind. So having pre-ordered both Pollinator (Blondie) and Into the Woods (Hawkwind) I was able to listen to both on release day (5th May here in the UK) thanks to Amazon’s Autorip feature. Don’t panic. I am not going to subject you to the acquired taste that is Hawkwind.

So in answer to my own question - I am currently listening to the single (at least in the UK) “Long Time” by Blondie. A quick description would be that it sounds like there are hints of “Heart of Glass” with (in the chorus) the U2 guitar from “Where the Streets Have No Name” plus something else I can’t quite put my finger on. The resultant whole gets into your brain and leaves you humming along. Fortunately it is not anywhere as cringe-worthy as the Pizza Hut Song, Agadoo or the Birdie Song.

OK Now for the test - drag and drop a video url and…

Seems to work. So listen and tell if you can hear the elements that I do or tell us What Song Are You listening to now?


gotta say I like the automatic features… web integration as it were

:lips: <- no tabs or deliberate extra spaces, though. :frowning:

Just watched Eurovision. There is a song that is utterly mad. Mixing Yodelling and rapping shouldn’t work together but… Not only do they but I loved Romania’s entry (dull boring song from portugal won). See what you think to this weirdness.


Number 4 in the Amazon UK Hot New Releases just ahead of Lady GaGa.


The only thing that seems utterly mad to me is the revelation that the Eurovision Song Contest is still going!


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If you watch this until the “my brain is melting” feeling starts to dim into a “… ::curled up in corner, shaking::” feeling and then into “silent internal crying that never stops”, no entertainment programme can ever hurt you again.

If you don’t understand german, assume that everybody is either singing “i want sum fuk”, “do you want sum fuk?”, “bavaria rocks!!11”, “thinking about the consequences of your actions is stupid”, or “if you do not currently want sum fuk, you need to consume more alcohol until you do”.

I don’t understand how they manage to turn happiness and positivity into something horrifying.

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A male voice choir can make ANYTHING horrifying…

But… oh… the lead singer’s moustache and that obnoxiously feeble way of holding a microphone whilst looking about shiftily and uneasily… It’s enough to make me immediately wish to send wave after savage wave of hideously Spleen-shaped Undead Animals armed with Big Bricks to Bavaria to hunt him down and exact dire retribution - for clearly he is an appalling blight upon the universe that must be extirpated instantly with Fire and Acid; and Big Bricks.

And that was just a few moments of the first act… I shudder to imagine what else came later. I couldn’t look, just in case it unfairly embittered me against Bavaria which is otherwise probably innocent… though, that said, some time ago, we did have an unpleasant experience at the Stadtwald Augsburg involving a certain OBJECT which arose slimily from the Lech. And it completely wasn’t our fault that this OBJECT, of which I shall not speak, was raised from the waters, we were nowhere near it, we never went looking for it, we never touched it… much…


Just recently discovered a Fan Made music music video on YouTube that absolutely blew me away.

Go here for the full size version. BTW there is a Spanish version as well but the actual song production is nowhere near as good and the video is of lower technical quality.