What to install if i want to play Vanilla? (OC and Expansions)

Hi. I remember trying NWN2 when it was new and bugged as hell. I gave up preety fast. Now i decided to give it another try. I plan on finishing OC and all 3 Expansions. Would like to know what bug fixes and community patches do i need too use for best experience? Since i barely played this game i do not care about any extra content, just fixes. Since this game is relatively old im guessing there are also hi-res mods to make it look beter on large screens?

This is just my personal preference, but here is what I use:

Client Extension

Tchos HD UI mod with the optional tweaks by AhTravesty and TonyK compatibility

Tchos’ HD Widescreen UI Menu

NWN2 Fixes

Less Obtrusive Spell Buffs

Companion and Monster AI

Moveable Player Menu

Xaltar Facelift

Clangeddin’s Collection (main and mod_fixes portions)

That’s a lot more than I thought I could use.

Thank You kind sir. And all that stuff is compatybile with each other? No workarounds needed?

@travus might know offhand – but here’s more general advice (from a post i made today on Nwn2Fixes)

… a duplicate-file-check should be run against your /override folder, and conflicts resolved, one way or another.

in truth, a duplicate-file-check program should be run periodically against the /override no matter what’s in it (unless it’s empty).

google “duplicate files”

ps. note that mods might want to put stuff in places other than /override…

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This one got me confused. I do not need all these if i just want to play oficial content?

@wened4, you don’t NEED any of these. These just make the game better. Like I said, this is just my personal preference.

It was along time ago when I installed these, but I believe the Tchos HD UI had a conflict with the Companion and Monster AI. But Tchos has a compatibility fix at the same place as HD UI mod. I think it was the ‘creatureexamine.xml’ and ‘characterscreen.xml’ files.

@kevL_s, I agree. I use CCleaner Free version. It has a duplicate file finder that works great. I use it all the time checking the campaign, modules, UI, and override folders, to name a few.


The only one you “need” is the NWN2 Fixes since it actually does fix things like item blueprints and scripts that are broken in the games as sold.

FWIW as long as you set the .exe files to Windows XP SP3 compatibility and remember to run the game as an Administrator, everything else is optional. Modern PCs are much better able to handle the game engine than the older machines were.

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I think the ClientExtension fixes a timing issue (discrepancy between 32-bit and 64-bit systems) that can cause stuttery movement if a 64-bit computer has been running without a reboot for a long time.

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I read (and confirm) that rebooting is necessary from time to time, as the “variable” counting the time elapsed since last boot could prevent the game from running (or at best make it revert to the default settings), due to an unexpected value (overflow? negative because too high?)

idk. seems more like a rounding error, but would have to disassemble the main game loop

A plug for The Complete Craftsman:

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extends recipes. fixes stuff for crafting. OC-style crafting w/ SoZ-style crafting compatibility. This is what i always wanted crafting to be …

Not sure where would be best to ask this question, I can’t seem to find an official support thread for the Client Extension, so I was hoping you guys here might have an answer for me. I’m just trying to play the single player content in 4k resolution, so using the Client Extension I’ve enabled its high dpi scaling, which looks great, especially if I add Tchos’s UI mod. However, what happens is that I can no longer use the save and load screens once I’ve loaded my save game. All I see is the background. And the only way to turn off DPI scaling is by restarting the game. Anybody know what could be causing this?

I’ve tried playing without any other mods except NWN2 fixes and the CE. If scaling is on, the save menu is gone.