Whatever became of "NW_D2_GenCheck"?

So Ive come across this reference in the nw_d2_default9 on spawn event script before with the flag at the start where the NPC will say a one-liner if you uncomment it. It is even supposed to be a variable you can set.

But there is no nss for NW_D2_GenCheck. Every time Ive straggled along this issue Ive abandoned the idea of making it work in favor of more important things I didnt understand. But yeah, now I kinda want to see if I can find out what the script is, or ever was.

Ive tried searching the vault and the lexicon but it doesnt turn up anything, in the past or in the present. Does anyone know anything at all about this missing toolset script? Was it abandoned for something more efficient? I mean I may have even figured out some workaround at some point. I can probably make some sort of on percieved event or something. Its just… what was NW_D2_GenCheck anyway?

It might be a module/campaign specific script, in that case you won’t find it in the stock resources, even those of the official campaigns aren’t there.

Yeah okay. That’s probably it. Gets hard to discern these sort of things as an amateur with no trade school education in scripting. I was hoping to locate a copy of it but I guess its in the clutches of the old Bioware people. I suppose I could just make a script using the old script filename and have it have an include in there for an onperceived event

That is a mis-typed reference to NW_D2_Gen_Check, which is a conversation Starting Conditional script that checks if the NPCSpeaker has a special conversation that is initialized.

//:: Generic Conversation Check
//:: NW_D2_gen_check
//:: Copyright (c) 2001 Bioware Corp.
    Check to see whether the NPC has an initialized
    NPC is using SetSpecialConversationStart
//:: Created By: Preston Watamaniuk
//:: Created On: Nov 7, 2001

#include "NW_I0_GENERIC"

int StartingConditional()
            return TRUE;
    return FALSE;
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Wow, cool!

Thanks again, Pstemarie!

Im having one of those moments now where Im wondering if someone told me this already.

Lol - its not you. Little typos like that are pretty common in the BioWare script commenting. If you look at rff_nss.2da, you’ll find the naming convention BioWare used for its scripts.

As an aside, over the years a ton of scripts have been created and uploaded to various sites that literally duplicate stuff BioWare already did. Generally, people never bother to take the time to actually look through the vanilla script base past the AI events, module events, and the spell scripts. There are literally Starting Conditionals that cover nearly anything you can imagine - class checks, level checks, race checks, and skills checks.

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Ruelk created a list of all the built-in starting conditional scripts in a word document. I converted it to pdf and included it in my TR’s Basics - Variables, Types and Functions (TBC) package.

Interestingly enough I don’t think that any of these are included in the NwN1 Standard Assets package.



Cool! I was working on a PW mod using pstmarie’s projectQ before but when the whole NWSync happened, it broke something in a way beyond me so I went and worked on my main life projects for a while. I can play thrashcore much better now! But anyway, I was playing DDO because games give me creativity surges at random. And for some reason, it led to me looking at the old 1st edition picture of the outer planes. So the old NWN building demiurge happened again, But this time, Im gonna do it without HAKs.

Plus, Im using the old world layout plan with improvements from how the orig concept didnt gel. Every time I start up one of these things, I get better at NWscript so maybe itll lead me actually using Blender/Unity eventually.

Anyway, I actually like perusing all those scripts but there are a hella lot of them. Last time I was trying to list stuff just from like, includes that made flags and stuff and it got to hair-pulling level eventually.

I think the best build method is to not get caught up in tiny details when they snag you. But theres another part of me that is obstinate and bullheaded so I come across things like this gen check thing and even though the logic brain is going “Hey man, just keep it simple - lets move on and keep to just making all the base land maps first” the bullheaded emotional me is like, “MUST BUTT HEAD INTO PROBLEM”

lol I guess it has nothing to do with scripting but just sayin.