Whats the best non-hak whirlpool effect? (NWN EE)

So, Ive been silently building my Terth PW slowly. Its getting large and all the prior attempts to make it help gel this attempt better, much like drafts. One of the areas I was laying down is a coast by a Scylla/Charbydis landmark. I can just make the sounds of surf real loud for Charbydis and have an ominous coast using lots of mist on a sea cliffs rural keep exterior map. I plan to make scary sounds for the Scylla coast at the least.

I dont want to work with haks so if I cant find any way to make a decent whirlpool effect, Im just gonna go with atmospheric insinuations if no-one has any clever ideas on how to make whirlpools. I was thinking maybe the destruction spell fx but it is yellow and maybe a bit too much.

Is there some sort of water elemental related effect that could come in handy?