What's up with the NWN Lexicon?

Does anyone know what’s happening with the Neverwinter Nights Lexicon website? The site nwnlexicon.com has been down for about 3 or 4 days now.



It only went down yesterday I think. Not sure why the A record disappeared tbh.

Niv is trying to get the domain transferred to him, so like the vault and wiki urls it’s properly pointing to things and can be moved.


Sorry, what’s the “A record” and who is Niv?

It sounds like you think it’s only a temporary thing – the site will be up again, you reckon?

Peter :slight_smile:

Yes I’m sure it’ll be back one way or another.

Sites whose DNS entries are missing/incorrect can often be reached by IP address. I tried a couple of techniques to recover the IP address but the DNS system does not have one at the moment. This is typical behavior for a site that is moving in some way.

In the meantime, an out-of-date version of the site is available via the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine.

The general archive search page is here:


The most recent snapshot is from April 10, 2022. I don’t know the NWNLexicon site well enough to know if this is a complete snapshot:


So you can reference that until the real site is again accessible.

While the lexicon url is not working a workaround is to add nwnlexicon.com

in your operating systems hosts file

Thanks to Varenx for the tip.

Worst case sometime next week an alternative new url will be added.

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I’m on the same wavelength – checking on the Wayback Machine is one of the first things I did.

Peter :slight_smile:

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Until the site’s back up again I’ve downloaded the 2015 version of the Lexicon from Neverwinter Vault:
NwN Lexicon 1.69 | The Neverwinter Vault. Pretty old, but that will nevertheless cover 90+% of what’ll ever need anyway. But I have to say I absolutely love the Lexicon, it’s absolutely brilliant and I’ll be absolutely gutted if it ever gets permanently scrubbed in the future. I even went and downloaded the Omnibus from the Vault: NWN Omnibus | The Neverwinter Vault but that’s way overkill, I think, for my needs. Meanwhile, I’ll be counting the days for when the Lexicon is back up and running. Is there a particular reason why the site is moving to another domain?


Peter :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info!

I’ve got a newer grab of the site maybe I should upload it just in case.

Anyone wanting to know how to do this workaround thing:

  1. Open up Notepad as Administrator. (Open up an instance of notepad normally and then use context menu in Task Manager to find the file path for notepad.exe, if you don’t know where it is.)
  2. Locate the “hosts” file in C:\Windows\System32.
  3. Paste nwnlexicon.com in a new line at the bottom of the last text line of text.
  4. Open Edge browser (that’s the browser I use, probably will work for other browsers too), and voila! the Lexicon’s back again! YAY!:smiley:

You should find the scripting FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions with answers) of use too -

Just The FAQs, ma’am.


I had to modify this on my Windows 10 Home system to get it to work. It could be just a difference between Windows versions I suppose, but for me the correct location for this file is:


Also after editing the file I had to issue this command:

ipconfig /dnsflush

to clear the DNS cache.

That would be a good idea

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niv has put in a temporary URL; https://lexicon.nwn.wiki/

Any problems with it post here. viv is still trying to contact the original domain owner by email, worst case that’ll be the new URL, and in the far future we’ll have one merged wiki (once we find some software able to manage it!).

I’ll upload a offline copy at some stage, need to dig it out made it like a few months ago :smiley: