Whay beamdog stopping works on graphic remake? Whay stopping news and streams?

Whay beamdog stopping works on graphic remake? Whay stopping news and streams?

No patches. And only one tweak for toolset in this long time.

They just release a whole new premium module today. https://www.beamdog.com/news/new-premium-module-tyrants-moonsea/


The latest patch was recently released, it adds 64 bit among other things.

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im pretty sure beamdog studio is a small company. they also manage and update other games not related to neverwinter that they have to make priorities over the game.

Although its convenient to have a road map for content, beamdog chooses to use us as the road map listening to concerns and ideas/etc then apply as needed.

Anyone know whether Tyrants of Moonsea will be available for purchase via the Beamdog Client?

It better be otherwise I won’t get it even if zwerk’s stuff is in it (at least according to a tweet I saw). Anyway, here is the bd thread about it.

And here is an article about the making of this Premium module.


Thanks for the info @Tarot_Redhand. Seems strange that Beamdog is trailing Steam in terms of availability. I wonder how long it will be (assuming it will happen), before it is available via the Beamdog Client?

Just bought Moonsea. Cost me just under £7 but then I suppose I’m lucky anyone is still accepting the Pound !

Bought it from Steam. Does that make me a bad person and if so, can someone explain why ? :innocent: I know nothing of these finer points.

Anyway, it looks pretty good. Wouldn’t be surprised if some of Zxwerkules’ work is in there as it all looks pretty good and very playable too.

Tested single-player - not sure if there are any issues with multiplayer (although Tyrants of the Moonsea was always intended to be a single-player module anyway): once purchased through Steam, just migrate the module file, custom TLK, 11 hakpaks prefixed with “tm_” and 20 music files prefixed “mus_tm_” from Steam’s NWN folder to the corresponding directories under your Beamdog installation and everything seems to work just fine.


Interesting approach. However, you will need to keep an eye open for any updates on Steam so that changes can be replicated in your Beamdog installation directories.

I plan to wait until I am ready to play the mod before I resort to buying through Steam (not because I don’t like Steam), but because I prefer to use the Beamdog installation mechanism. The latter allows you to change the location of the User files directory (eg Documents\Neverwinter Nights to D:\Games\Neverwinter Nights) via NIT.

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Agreed, and once it’s available from Beamdog it’ll be the exclusive version of the module that I play. I just…well, I don’t have a rational justification for it, but I’ve purchased copies of NWN:EE through Beamdog, Steam, GOG, and the Google Play store and I want each version to be as complete as possible, which means I end up buying the DLC for all of them. Since it wasn’t too far out of the way, I just figured I’d check to see if there wasn’t some kind of DRM for the premium modules that made their activation contingent on the base game’s key or something. I was actually a little surprised that it worked, to be honest, though I couldn’t articulate why.

No, it doesn’t make you a bad person. I personally don’t use Steam because Steam does what it wants with installation and I prefer to have my own control. I also found Steam to be a bit invasive, but that’s probably just me suffering from the “get off of my lawn” syndrome. So I only buy from Beamdog.


@DM_Wise Agreed. Also, I imagine that buying direct from Beamdog means more cash for the developers, which can’t be a bad thing.

When I bought NWN from Beamdog, they were handing out Steam codes, so we didn’t miss out on any functionality.

I have the Steam version installed, purely in order to be able to publish on Steam Workshop. However, it is possible to remove the Steam client from start up, or close it when not in use - NWN runs fine without it, as it’s DRM-free.

Having said that, I see many comments that Steam Workshop doesn’t work reliably. That’s not a reason to buy NWN elsewhere, but when it comes to mods, installing from the Vault appears to be the safest way.

Yeah, In retrospect I would have preferred giving the money straight to Beamdog but would have to point out that were it not for Steam I’d never have come across the game at all.

What @SavnetSinn says about just moving all the files sounds interesting but I’d need to be feeling brave that day ! I do live in fear that one day I’ll wake up and not own the game as completely as I feel I should . . .

@Proleric, seconded on the Vault. Just an unbelievable repository of materials ( and great people willing to help annoying newbies) !

Btw, I’m really enjoying Moonsea. :+1:

@jimdad55 the file movement that @SavnetSinn mentions is a specific fix for mods installed via Steam Workshop (only).

What many players have found is that while Steam NWN itself is reliable (no folder changes required), when you subscribe to a Workshop Item, it may or may not work. Steam puts the Workshop Item’s files in a cryptically numbered folder, with subfolders that mirror those in Documents (override, modules, hak, tlk). The fix which always seems to work is to move the files to the corresponding folders in Documents.

A bit off-topic, but curiously enough, there doesn’t seem to be any other discussion about Tyrants of the Moonsea yet. Personally, I think it’s a rather bad sign that Beamdog chose to publish the game exclusively on Steam first while keeping noticeably silent about any possible release on GOG or other platforms (including their own), especially seeing that for a long time GOG was the go-to store for NWN (Diamond) and Steam didn’t even offer it. So much for catering to the loyal fanbase and not trying to split the community …