When installing a mod, does the containing folder matter?

Would a mod possibly not work if I were to copy-paste its containing folder? For instance, if a mod is just .UTI or .NCS files or something, and I needed to put it into the Override folder, would it matter if I took the folder that contained said files and copy-pasted it into the Override folder instead of directly copy-pasting the mod files?

No, in fact, to keep the override better organized it’s generally a good idea to put them always in folders.

Ah, I see you’re a man of OCD as well.

Follow-up question: does it make a difference which Override folder it is? Like, is there a difference between the c/…/NWN2/Override and the mydocuments/NWN2/Override folders?

There is a difference in priority, the override in MyDocuments takes precedence over the one in the installation directory, but both should work.

So it doesn’t matter unless I put something contradicting the contents of the other.

That’s right, in that case, the file in My Documents will be the one used, and the one in the installation directory will be ignored.