Where and what are the EE Custom Content folders?

I figure they go in C:\GOG Games\Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition\data since I got this on GOG but there are so many folders missing. Some I know like ERF but all the ones there have changed names so I am not sure on some I need to create.
Diamond and previous for example had a \dmvault folder but EE just has \dmv.
\module is now \mod.
\music is now \mus.
Is there a list somewhere of what the other new folder names look like? A big one is what \localvault where created characters went (PS where are all the default created ones?) is now called.

I wrote a Guide.

All user files (including custom content and saves) go in Documents\Neverwinter Nights on Windows. Some of the subfolders will be missing, but you can safely create them manually.

Under EE, the game installation folders are only for official content from Beamdog.

I haven’t got the GOG edition, but I haven’t see anything to suggest that it’s different in this respect. Let me know if you learn otherwise!

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