Where are the settings for the toolset?

I have my toolset window spread across two screens, I have panes set up for properties, blueprints, tiles, the maps/scripts/dialogs area and the resources pane.
Those positions, the tab and width settings all seem to be remembered, I’d assume in either an .ini or a registry setting.
Where are those stored? I can’t find them…
Also, it seems to remember the conversation columns, for example I have just Actions, Conditions and Quests ticked.
But the width and position of those columns is not saved.
Where are all these values stored?

oh, and there is a File menu option saying “Save current view” though I never selected it and my view remains 95% saved. I’m not sure what that option does.

have a look in or near

C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\NWN2 Toolset

But I do NOT advise changing those files manually. The toolset could have a hissy fit and you might end up deleting all your settings just to get things running again …


I think “Save current view” saves the content of the currently focused view/window. Eg, if the area-view has focus, then save the area … not quite sure tho.


I checked the xml files where you pointed and the AppWindow and WindowConfig xmls look interesting.
Those and the others seem straightforward except the Conversation Preferences xml… ack…
Some thousand character long string to define the column visible and column width info…
Thanks for the info!



This literally saves the content of whatever current pane you have open. (That is what @kevL_s is saying, I believe.)

E.g. Just edited a script, click this to save just that script. Edit a conversation, click to save that conversation, etc. As opposed to a full save, which saves everything. (i.e. It’s not anything to do with the toolset settings.)

I have this in my own notes… So, maybe somewhere in this ini file. (Sounds similar to what @kevL_s says anyway… and the file you found.)


C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\NWN2 Toolset\en-GB

WindowConfig.xml → WindowConfig_old.xml

DELETE WindowConfig.xml to reset

Very useful and took me ages to find a few weeks back. I had accidentally selected the little ‘x’ button which permanently erased my campaign conversations tab from the toolset. Took me about an hour to find Lance’s above soultion.