Where can I buy NWN2 in Italian?

I already own my copy of NWN2, bought ages ago.
This is a physical copy, we are talking about quite a few DVDs.
The very idea of uninstalling and reinstalling the game is a trauma.
Not to mention the fact that DVDs are at risk of deterioration over time.
I tried to look on GoG, but the version that is sold of NWN2 does not appear from the description that there is also the Italian language.
Do you know other online platforms where you can buy the game?

unfortunately not. but you could install your italian version and save the dialog.tlk along with the few data/vo.zips (voice over sounds) to replace the files coming with gog’s complete edition. it’s not a one-click solution, but it’s still something to think about.

dunno if that works, but you could also save the whole folder of your italian version, and reuse that in case of the need of a clean install. i don’t think that nwn2 needs a registry entry, because the gog version doesn’t register one too.


Yes, I’m finding out that there is some sort of patch to be retrieved online, on some forum.

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Italian patches are here


and scroll down to the Italian sections. Though exactly what you’d want to get, if anything, to get the game to do what you want, I do not know.


You don’t need to get another version if you’re worried about your discs deteriorating, just copy the whole lot ( program files and documents ) onto an external hard drive or make your own discs. That will be the updated version in whatever language you’ve got it running in.