Where can I get a hold of all the vanilla NWN:EE spells?

Is there a place or a vault entry here where I can find all the vanilla spell scripts for NWN:EE?

I did searches on the vault…but maybe the key words are not finding it. Would much appreciate it.


Well, the complete 1.69 scripts are here.

To narrow it down to spell scripts, get a list by sorting spells.2da to spell order, then delete the unwanted scripts. You’ll see that the naming convention is systematic, so this can be done quickly and easily.

I don’t think EE is very different, when it comes to spell scripts.

However, if you need to be certain for some reason, use NWN Explorer to export all the scripts from EE. Work through “NWN Main Data” from top to bottom, exporting everything under the heading “Scripts”. This ensures that, where there are multiple versions, the latest version overwrites any older ones.

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Thanks Proleric :slight_smile:

Have you looked at NwN1 Standard Assets? It contains, amongst loads of other things, all the 1.69/Diamond scripts and the all the 2da files of the same vintage. Comparing the spells.2da from there against the one that ship with EE should reveal any new spell scripts unique to EE.


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Thanks Tarot_Redhand :slight_smile:

It’s not nwvault, but I find GitHub - urothis/nwn-assets: An automatically updating repo for nwn keyfile assets useful.

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