Where did this hood come from?

What pack did this hood come from?


Are these the normal colors? It really looks like it’s missing a texture!

It does appear to be coming from Missing Texture-ville.

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Yes, I know it’s missing a texture file, that is why I need to know where it came from. It is a hood that was used in Baldur’s Gate Reloaded and I believe I also saw it on the Baldur’s Gate server back in the day. I grabbed this somewhere long ago but I do not remember what hak pack it came from.

You can open the model in gmax or blender and see what the texture files are named, with those you should be able to start tracking it down.

Impossible to tell without seeing the textures, there are a lot of similar models.

Yeah, I was hoping to avoid that but I did it anyway. I opened it in 3dsMax and got it; helm_99.dds and related files in case anyone else encounters this and wants to rip the texture from somewhere.



Yes, that is it! Thank you, Aqvilinus!