Where do I report toolset error messages? (RESOLVED)!

I am using NWN:EE

I did not buy my game off of Steam …I bought it off GOG. Can I still report my toolset error somewhere?

Blast!..can’t get into an area…how is one suppose to fix what the problem is in an area if it crashes when you try to open it?

This is the error:

error message

nvoglv32.dll is a nvdia file. So perhaps the problem is related to your graphic card driver?

Thanks Kamiryn,

But why can I go anywhere else in my module even in the area - except when I approach around a corner in that tileset in game before it crashes. And why can I open other areas in my toolset but this one area if it is just a graphic card issue?

I will see if I can get/re-upload the graphics card…see if that works.

I did check, graphics card is updated. Still same issue.

This is the error I get in game when I enter into that area. I can at least enter the area but as soon as I get close to one part inside of the area I get this crash:

in game error

Well that was useless trying to report this error to the web link listed. Jira does not allow me to set up an account to report it. :frowning:

Can someone post this error for me who can post errors to them please.

I uninstalled my driver and reinstalled an updated Nivida…still same issue.

This is the error log:

nwclientLog1.txt (22.6 KB)

Ok…the log error says a critical error was found.

Sun Sep 25 22:08:56] x2_inc_itemprop - critical: Missing container with tag x2_plc_ipbox!!

It requests a box with tag: x2_plc_ipbox

I found this info on the NWN Lexicon UNDER:





The tag of the ip work container, a placeable which has to be set into each module that is using any of the crafting functions.

So …is this a mdl I am missing with this tag? If so do I just need to put it in one of my haks? Help anyone.

The work container is (usually) created automatically when one of the crafting functions (e.g. craft armor) is used for the first time. You could check that by right-clicking your char, select craft armor, modify the armor and then run a script that checks if the container exists. It should be at the location of your char. Unfortunately the container is invisible so you can’t see it.

But I doubt that the message about the missing container is related to your crashes.

What will it take to fix this? I’m at my wits end

I wish I could somehow open the area and delete items one by one to fix this…something in there is causing this now. Is it possible to delete stuff in an area without opening the area?

I crafted in game…it works…so now what else could it be?

You get the message about the missing container when IPGetIPWorkContainer() can’t create the container.
So perhaps there’s something wrong with your NWN installation? Have you tried to verify your NWN installation?

But I can open all my areas except this one area. I can play in-game except in this one part of that area when it crashes. So why would it be an installation problem?

Perhaps there is a placeable in that area that requires something that is missing now.

But how do I find out which one and how can I place it in there if I can’t open the area?

I hope I can get someone here to help me trouble shoot this. I’m willing to send anyone a link to my onedrive with my module and haks and tlk files. I have to get to bed. It is 1:32am. been working on this almost all day…pulling my hair out…ugh. Thanks to anyone who can fix this for me.

Anyone want to get a copy of my module and haks…let me know.

The first thing I would do is to verify the NWN installation. In the beamdog client it’s done by simply by selecting the game, clicking options->verify game. Shouldn’t be more difficult in gog.

You can give me a link to your module.