Where does Bioware handle disabling expertise mode during spellcasting?

We all know there is a module switch (constant) that can be set to set things so that a PC with expertise (or improved expertise) mode running will shift off of the mode if he casts a spell. I believe the switch is MODULE_VAR_AI_STOP_EXPERTISE_ABUSE, which corresponds to the constant X2_L_STOP_EXPERTISE_ABUSE.

My question is, where is this handled? I was thinking it might be in x2_inc_spellhook, but I am not seeing it there. Can anyone point me to the script?

BTW, I am more concerned with NWN:EE, in the off chance that Beamdog has changed this.


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Thank you! I had glanced at that earlier and failed to notice that it turns off expertise whether or not UMD is involved.