Where does this go in a script?

technically … “technically” …

bows shouldn’t have Enhancement bonuses. (the damage part doesn’t work and would need to go on arrows) So they should have Attack bonus + the Mighty property.

Or just say screw it and put on Enhancement …


kevL_s… I thought something strange was going on when bows have no enhancement bonus but because the bows probably already have attack bonuses that stay there after I’ve enhanced them I presume I’ve just boosted the attack.

If they’re the really good bows that get enhanced then they’ve got a big mighty bonus anyway so yeah… Screw it and stick it on !

I’ve yet to test it as it’s a long way into the mod but it looks good on the attack bonus stats in the character screen.

ps. Your horror house multiple spawn script is at four goes now and still causing chaos to the PC and co.

am pretty sure the engine uses only the higher of [attack] or [enhance] ( 3.5 no-stacking rules? )

re. horror house – sweeet, when the final code glommed on me it was like an epiphany … !

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kevL_s… I’ve never made so many colourful waypoints !

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