Where is the DB for this module? LOD-HOTU-CEP

My friend did found this module LOD-HOTU-CEP.mod the name probably is Land of the Destiny but there is no database file.

We are very interested to run this module. If we could not find the database I think to recreate the DB basing to the data of the script files, what do you think about it?

Check my module

Oops I forgot to vote on your module, sorry White Tiger.

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Hey, sweet Greenman6220 certainly the honest feedback of yours will give me good feelings whatever if that is a 1 stair or a 10 stairs hopefully that is honest

Beamdog did announce an very interesting thing… Check it:
“Phil says a custom module contest for NWN:EE is coming soon. If you’re building a team to create a module, let’s have a chat!” (http://blog.beamdog.com/2018/07/july-13-livestream-recap.html)

Cheers :wink: