Where to - Module Discussion? / "About" sticky threads

Hey there!

Returning to NWN after a long hiatus, I see the “Neverwinter Nights 1” forums don’t have a “Module Discussion” category anymore like the old ones did. I’m sure there were reasons to scrap it, but I wonder, what is now the appropriate place for discussing specific modules, for troubleshooting or asking for help when any issues or questions arise - is it General? -, and where do you ask for helpful module recommendations - Promo?

Also, while trying to solve this question, I checked the sticky threads labeled “About the [General/Promo/Custom Content/Enhanced Edition] category”, only to find nothing but placeholder text there, apparently. Were they started as works-in-progress two years ago, only to be forgotten, or am I missing something? For users who are not regulars and who are trying to orientate themselves and get accustomed to the forums, that’s quite strange and confusing …

[And off-topic, but since I’m already at it: You can easily get to forums from the main NW Vault page, but is there also a way to get back to the NW Vault page from the forums, apart from clicking “Back” in your browser?]

Welcome back Olivier,

I am not aware of some secret reason to scrap the “Module Discussion” and i think it would be a most useful addition if we could have one of these for 1.69 classic or EE module talk, for now we are stucked with “General”. I suspect that Niv who seems to be vault main admin has not a lot of time in his hands he can use to maintain and grow our favorite place.

I am grateful for all Niv and others (Rolo, etc.) have done for us. But yes, There are some little quirks and imperfections here and there… But, hey! It WORKS!!! :star_struck:

FWIW there is a full thread in “Vault Feedback” requesting the same shortcut back from Forum zone to Vault you describe. Maybe, if we could have more skilled admins. But i imagine volunteers with dev/admin skills, Nwn background and free time are in scarcity.

In that case there should definitely be a “Module Discussion” forum! Admittedly, I think it was the least active on the old forums, but always a favorite of mine. :wink:

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