Which for the Horror/DarkFantasy?

Whitch version is best for “Scary/Intense” experience?

  • NWN
  • NWN EE
  • NWN 2

Share modules and scenarios. Comparisons and explanations.

idk but am working on ver 3 of the Personal Impossibility Adjustment for NwN2 …

NwN2 : MotB is metaphysical and sorta philosophically  eerie  unsettling.

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Little difference between NWN and NWN EE as they run the same modules.

I don’t know anything NWN-related that I would actually describe as intense horror, but there are a few darker NWN modules that come to mind (they should be playable with the EE as well, but none of them is EE exclusive):

  • Vampire: Heaven Defied (Chojin)
  • Revenant (McV)
  • Threat of Dreams 1: The Hunger and the Sickness & Threat of Dreams 2: The Hour of the Tongue (Chris “GhostFactory” Thornton)
  • Elegia Eternum & Excrucio Eternum (Stefan Gagne)
  • Almraiven & Shadewood (Fester Pot)
  • Deja Vu (Daniel Nelson & Johanna Coats)
  • Prophet series (Baldecaran, not sure if it would count as horror, but it’s also quite dark, in a philosophical way)
  • Return to Ravenloft & Ravenloft: Beyond the Gate (Firestarter)
  • Surviving Horror 1 & 2 (Erik Birger Karlsson aka Berra)
  • Stormy Night & Narcopolis & Wake (thegeorge)
  • The Bitter Taste of Blood (Jonas Wæver)

Short Halloween themed modules:

  • Skullington Falls (Sharon Tipton)
  • Samhain’s Eve (Erik Birger Karlsson aka Berra)

Oh, there’s actually a list by Werelynx with some descriptions as well:

I’m sure you could find similar modules for NWN2, I just haven’t delved into NWN2 modules that much yet. But I remember there were some Ravenloft- and Halloween-themed ones, too.


Thegeorge had a couple disturbing modules, Angel Falls, Firefly and Necropolis or something, but I have never seen true horror in NWN. I don’t think the game bestows itself for that kind of genre, unless you count the times you’re running away from disgustingly overpowered enemies.