Which Version Of nwn2 Toolset is best?

I’m thinking about trying to create a module for nwn2 in the future and am wondering if I need to use the toolset with all the expansion packs added or not? The reason is when I reinstalled nwn2 on my current computer a few years ago I installed all the expansion packs before playing, but when i started the original campaign I ran into all kinds of game breaking bugs which I read somewhere that they came from me installing all expansion packs before finishing/playing the first campaign to the end…?
Do I need to uninstall all nwn2 files and start again? And should I only install the original campaign and use that toolset to avoid bugs or will all versions of toolset work?

install it all. Bring it up to version 1.23.1765 – OC+MotB+SoZ – you’ll want the SoZ stuff for playing/modding.

You should likely run CCleaner’s Registry cleaner to check your windows registry before installation (after deinstalling whatever you have for Nwn2 at present).

Do a defrag and start installing … no need to do a playthrough … although i have just loaded the game and entered the first module of each expansion, as they were installed, to check that things are going okay.

if you’re installing from old disks the patching process can be/will be troublesome …


When NWN2 came out I played it a lot and I think I encountred only once a nasty bug.

When I made my own campaing I discovered an odd behavior with NWN2 thanks to one of my tester.

He was very angry at me, beceause he had a nasty bug that I couldn’t reproduce. The thing is that he had a very low spec computer and the game was cutting complex scripts executions before they could reach their end for “time out” in his machine. When he changed computer that behavior deasapered.

I ran my mod on a I3 with integrated graphic card and didn’t encounter the problem. Perhaps he had lot’s of thing on his computer that were slowing it down.

But NWN2 can shut down script if they take too long, they shouldn’t be, if you have “bugs” everywhere, you may have something slowing your computer.


@Shallina @kevL_s Thank you both for the quick answers. I thought the install bugs were a commonly known problem but maybe I was wrong… My computer ( a 2010 imac running windows xp in parallels app) is old but I don’t really think thats what was wrong. I guess I really only had a few bugs that completely broke the game where I couldn’t move forward in game areas (I’m remembering 3 or 4 areas where I had to use the debug console to move forward in the original campaign which seemed like alot of bugs when I was playing at that time, quit that campaign after 3rd or 4th bugged area got me). As an example at start of game your father asks you to get an item from crypt in swamp but the item wasn’t in the crypt… I still have the original disks so will try installing them all again and hope for the best. Thank you both for your help and hopefully I can make a module with none of those bugs sometime in the future.

A word of caution. From people I’ve worked with, the mac versions of the game are just less stable/reliable than the Windows version. Bugs may be encountered in one version that cannot be reproduced in the other.

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Just want to chime in on what @GCoyote said. Many people trying to play my modules (especially my first 2) couldn’t get them to work with Mac.

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@GCoyote @andgalf I’m using the Windows versions of Neverwinter Nights running it on windows xp virtually on mac if that makes any sense… I totally understand that it may be my computer causing the bugs but I’m sure I read somewhere like 7 or 8 years ago when I last tried to play nwn2 again on the mac that my bugs are caused by loading all expansion paks (motb and storm of zahir) before playing the first campaign all the way through, which does seem very strange to me. But years ago on HP computer I played all the expansions and completed them no problem with these same game discs. But I loaded them as I bought them new and had finished original campaign before I started/installed the expansions. Nwn1 works perfect with my current computer so I may just stay building on it but thank you all for this info and I may eventually open the nwn2 toolset and make something tiny just to see if it works for others.

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Good luck!

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@GCoyote Thank you! I’m about 50-75% done with the nwn1 module I’m working on so in a few months I will try building a few areas and make a little demo module to post here on vault. Hopefully someone can try it and just let me know that things like transitions and conversations are working before I build the whole module using my mixed up OS computer setup. I’m planning on making a nwn2 clone of my nwn1 module The Crypt Of Istaris because its a pretty small module and I hope it won’t be too hard for me to build it using nwn2 toolset which I’ve only used a few times playing around years ago…


Sounds like a good plan.

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Really, just install nwn2, MotB, and SoZ, one after another. You don’t need to start a game between each one. SoZ will update the game to… I’m pretty sure to 1.20. This will make it easier to patch up.

If you are going to play the official stuff, install NWN2fixes.

Going to gog to get a fully patched up version is well worth it, if you’re able.


@Axe_Edge I’m planning on doing like you suggested and install all the expansion packs at the same time again and hope everything turns out ok. I’m really not looking to play nwn2 again anytime soon but will be working on a new module in its toolset. Not sure what nwn2 fixes there are I need to download? Can’t I build in toolset after I install the original game and its two expansion packs? Are those patches on gog free because Im not looking to spend money on this… Thank You for the information.

The great thing about the gog version is that you don’t need to patch anything. If I were to install the game and the expansions and patch everything like I did back in the day I would go mad I think. To me it was well worth the money to buy it from gog to get rid of all that headache.


I really would like to play nwn2 again in the future so may just have to break down and buy the gog version eventually but not sure it would work on my old computer. If I just install up to SoZ and don’t install any patches- my toolset wouldn’t make playable modules for others?

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After installing up to SoZ, you’ll still need to download the correct patches from this site to bring it up to version 1.23

The headache is making sure all of the correct patches are downloaded, put into the Neverwinter Nights 2 game folder, then taking your computer offline to force the game to search the game folder without looking for patches online.

There’s likely a detailed post instructing how to update the game somewhere.


And GOG has frequent sales featuring NWN2 for ~$9.99. Once you buy it, you can redownload and reinstall it anytime if your local copy becomes corrupted or unstable. It was worth it.


This is precisely why I decided to buy the game again. I haven’t regretted it for a second.


NWN2 fixes is a package of files made by awesome folks in the community. The goal is to fix the game while keeping as true as possible to the developer’s vision.

The package simply goes into the override.



Nwn2Fixes has many fixes that both builders and players should have.

… download it and scroll through credits.txt


Thank you all for this info and thank you @Axe_Edge for the link to nwn2fixes. If I do get the gog version I would still need to download nwn2fixes and put it in override folder or is it included in gog version? I will first try to get the patches here on vault and the computer I build on is always offline so maybe I can get it up to 1.23. But if it starts giving me a bad headache I may have to get the gog version! I really appreciate all the help and am rereading my bradygames nwn2 world builder guide to get my head around the differences between the toolsets (nwn1/nwn2).