Why are they uninvited?

You know, I never found an answer to this… Why does the Uninvited Guests module exist? For toolset practice purposes?

Obsidian Entertainment wanted to send a message to all of us!
They know “they” are among us. Blood-drinking, flesh-eating, lizardfolks humanoids :lizard: with only one objective in their cold-blooded little heads: to enslave the human race via NeverWinter Night games!!!
They are our leaders, our corporate executives, our beloved Oscar-winning actors and Grammy-winning singers, and they’re responsible for the Holocaust and the 9/11 attacks…

It’s just a demo module… Have a very nice week and take care. :slightly_smiling_face:


THAT was a demo?!

Yes. If you play it, you can get a club named “Reptile Bane Cudgel” which will give you an advantage of +1 enchantment and +3 against reptilians. If you play this little module with a lvl1 character for example (save end export your character after a win) then start the OC with this character, you will have a nice little advantage over lizarfolks since there are plenty in the first stage of the OC.

And Pitney’s padded militia armor, witch give you the feat “Toughness” and ability to cast light spell once a day. The “1363 Harvest Mead” will give you a +2 concentration skill also.

There is noting else of any importance about it.
Thats it. Have a nice day.


Ok, that is neat. Not like I’m gonna do it again, but still