Why did this page stop working?

hello. I frequently use this reference guide

but for the past few days the links to campaigns have stopped working. any ideas as to why? I’m on android if that matters. thanks.

Same on my PC.


For me, on Android, the links to campaigns work if you click on them.

Strangely, though, in Android Chrome, press-hold doesn’t show “Open in new tab” as an option, which is how I normally open pages on this site.

Since @Proleric mentioned Chrome and I use Opera (Chrome engined) I just tried it with Firefox. Same result.


OK, something I don’t understand here. I looked at the underlying html of that page. Against each of those links there is an alternative image of nothing (which is OK) but after that there is a src= followed by an absolutely enormous string. Is this normal?


String like this src="data:image/png;base64,...? I only see the 6 4 base64-encoded like that images there (from sidebar: CEP, Project Q, etc). They could be replaced with normal binary images, but apart from increased HTML size of every page, they are nothing special.

Links from ToC indeed don’t work on that page as there seems to be no target id for any of them. But apart from that, all content links work.

It is also possible to browse that content securely by replacing ftp:// with https:// in the URL.

it’s just a lot more cumbersome to copy the link and add https://

it works but why do we have to do this now when it was working before?

Module links still work when accessed from Vault on desktop. That suggests a problem with your mobile browser. Maybe it doesn’t recognize the protocol. Can you try another one to see if it works? Do you open them directly or on a new tab?

Random test link from that page:

EDIT: seems like the ftp link above does not work through Discourse for me at all. It works when pasted to address bar and from Drupal, though.

well it works in samsung internet but not chrome. weird thing is that a week ago it was working fine in chrome, but not now. i guess I’ll have to use samsungs app for now. thanks.

Seems like FTP link support has been disabled by default in current Chromium stable and will be gone from the codebase by the next release.

thanks shacker! i will use samsungs app then for the ftp access. appreciate the help given by all here.