Why do my Medium Custom Items look like a Fish? CEP 2.65

I’m trying to make a Blackberry Pie for a module I’m building (CEP 2.65 Full). I used the ‘Item Wizard’ to build the item.
Item Type: Miscellaneous Medium
Name: Blackberry Pie
Palette: [Custom] Miscellaneous/Other
Appearance Portrait: iit_midmisc_099

What I got was a fish, and no matter which Portrait I chose, it always entered a fish, and that is what got ‘Painted’.
I tried again tonight, and found many more choices in the Item Type list - (3) Miscellaneous, Miscellaneous 2", Miscellaneous 3" and Miscellaneous 4". The Miscellaneous 2" had the Appearance Choice iit_misc_079 (and a couple of others), none of the others had a pie choice (most of them were fish). No choice changed the appearance (all showed a ‘Loot Bag’).

Nothing works with choosing any Appearance, but always shows the ‘default’; either a Fish or a Loot Bag.

How do I get a Pie? I need a Pie!! (Besides. . . I like Pie)

Is there supposed to be a model linked to that midmisc appearance? If not, you’ll need to set one up, so you’ll need a model, first of all. Try looking through the placeable models, see if you can find a pie one.

If you dig the file out from the hak and duplicate and rename it to match the inventory icon (inventory icon iit_midmisc_099.tga gets model it_midmisc_099.mdl <- only one i), it should show up linked to the midmisc appearance. Internal renaming as well as external! Open file, replace all instances of (original model name (sans the .mdl extension)) with it_midmisc_099, attach file to module via custom hak.

Bone model linked to midmisc pie inventory icon for proof.

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I’ve been building with 2.65 recently and I’ve been noticing some similar issues as well. Lots of shields and helmets which just show up as bags in game.

Though it is quite fun to play as a Baghead who blocks attack with bags…

I think I’m asking the wrong question.
I thought the whole idea of adding CEP (any version) to the ToolSet was to get all the neat stuff the contributors have donated to The Vault over the many years. As it stands (CEP.x.xx) does, indeed, add all the stuff, but none (or very little of it) is in the various palettes. To use any of the ‘really neat stuff’, the user has to '‘re-invent the wheel’. I.E. Use any of the various ‘Wizards’ (Creature, Item, Placeable, etc) and build the whatever by hand.
For instance, for a Tavern Bar, you have to Name the Placeable, and put it into a suitable place in the palette. Then, using the Properties Dialog, Name the Thingie, Tag, Find the Appearance Type (the model), enter any scripts, Faction, Conversation (if any), Portrait (the really hard part), Description, and Comments (if wanted).
Wouldn’t it be much easier for the user (like me) to just put all this into the ‘Custom’ Palette? The Palette itself could include many more subdivisions to making the choice easier to find. For instance: Custom Palette/Civilization Interior/Furniture/Bar (or Tavern).
Another example for the Creature Wizard: The Cave Stirge by Lathspell (GREAT Job, Lathspell). When I used the original Cave Stirge from the Vault many years ago, all the stuff that made the Stirge work including Appearance, Portrait, Stirge Bite, etc. was in the file. Now I have to ‘re-invent the wheel’ to get the creature I want, rather by just choosing it from the Palette.
Color me Lazy, but I thought this was what CEP is all about - saving the ToollSet user LOTS of work by speeding up the work of Building - NOT by having to hand-build whatever it is I want to add to my module.
Guess I’m getting old AND lazy.

^- Does this help? :smiley: If I’m seeing this right, the placeable blueprints just ship separately from the main CEP package now, so installing them is optional.

:thinking: That doesn’t account for the creature blueprints, though, does it. hmm.

I believe the problem was that larger PW owners couldn’t handle the bigger palettes, so you have to build your own palette entries for the newer appearances. Not a big deal, in my experience.

The original problem is puzzling, as the misc items work for me. Is there anything in a top hak or override that might conflict with CEP?

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If huge palettes are an issue, you can make a separate “builders” version of your mod, for map making only. Then you can export the map and import it into your live mod, without bloating the palette.

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Yes, that does help, at least for placeables (not for critters or items, though). I did download the two files (builders and source), and looked through the Docs. The files would seem to fix the problem I’m having, but only goes to CEP260, so whatever the additions are in CEP265 are, I don’t get. Also, I have to remember to re-load the ERFs and other files when starting a new Module.

The question still remains: Why isn’t this done with the CEP2.XX Full download, and save everyone a big hassle? Also same for Critters, Items, Sounds, Etc. To me, it sort of defeats the entire purpose of installing CEP at all. Maybe the question should go to Amethist Dragon.

Thanks for the rapid reply and at least trying to help.

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In the Override directory, there is one: iit_medmisc_029.tga. It looks like a small mirror in a sunburst. I don’t know where it came from or when I put it in. There were several other .tga files in the Override starting with; Is_car_0x.tga (and .dds files with same name). All are of Oxen pulling a wagon. Again, I don’t know where they came from, but I erased all of them anyways.

All of the top hak files in the HAK directory came with CEP265Full. I put all of them into the HAK folder (just because). There is a cep_top_2_65.hak, which, I suppose is the one being accessed when using CEP2.65 .The others are there ‘just because’, and I may switch to another CEP version when working on other, older modules.

So that’s where the models are found. Barbarian you just answered a question I have not asked but really wanted to know. Pies, fish, statues…heads that will be heads when you drop them. I’m going to bloat my misc hak with models now.

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The baby miscellaneous item has always bothered me because when you drop it, its a sack. So I made a baby (no, not that way, I already have 2 of those)… I got the CEP baby placeable, simplified and resized it a bit. Renamed it, dropped it in a hak and voila… no more baby in a tiny sack.

Roger_Dodger I can make you pies if you want. You can simply drop them in your hak and get all the pick-able/dropable pies in your game. I dont think you need to edit any 2das. Just post the miscellaneous name (the baby is iit_midmisc_009) (edit: I forgot you posted the name up there, i’ll make you pies now )

Im practicing with this right now so that goes for everyone if you want models with your miscellaneous.

again. Thanks for the tip TheBarbarian.


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Upload that when it’s done! x_x

As mentioned above, I did download the files, then installed them last night (3-ERFs, 2-HAKs and the Talk.tlk). I then loaded the ERFs, and changed the TALK. Worked like a charm! I then tried to include the cep_add_sb_v2.hak into the Custom Content, and found the ‘ADD’ button was disabled. I could re-arrange the HAK files to the positions indicated in the .pdf instructions, but could not ‘ADD’ any other HAKs. As stated in the instructions, the add_sb-v2.hak contains scripts for some of the placeables (specifically, the ‘zep’ additions-many lighting placeables). When I did a BUILD on the module, I got a whole bunch of ‘Resources Not Found’, mostly concerning the ‘zep’ additions (BTW, these are GREAT placeables).

Did I mention that for this module, I’m using the CEP - Starter 265 - Extended + Added Tilesets.mod to get me started (I just changed the name/tag). The MODs designers may have disabled the Custom Content ‘ADD’ button. I may have to save (as ERFs) my areas and the Henchmen, then start a whole new MOD, and import them.

With the greatly expanded Custom Placeable Palette, I did notice that ‘SAVE’ module function takes considerably more time to finish. Maybe that’s why its not written into the CEP haks. I would suggest to the contributors to the Vault that they make very clear that users need to also download the ERFs, HAKs and TLK files to get the most out of the CEP addition, Perhaps just include them in the ‘FULL’ download (with instructions for use). Also upgrades for Creatures, Items, Sounds, Etc. Palette would be nice too (that would probably REALLY slow down Saves/Builds). CEP v2.60 Placeable Blueprints is mentioned in “Related Projects” and once or twice in the ‘Comments’ section (I had to read all of them to find the references). Not very clear (Whine, Moan, :crying_cat_face:).

Thanks again for your suggestions - they have been invaluable to me (and hopefully others)
Have a good day! :smiley:

What a generous offer! Thanks so much.
If I may suggest: Make the Pies, then export the finished product (save as an ERF). If you’re going to do several, save all the ERFs as a compressed.7z file, then put it into The Vault so anyone has access to it. Saving the Item as an ERF should save all the info with it (Properties, Appearance, Model, Scripts, Etc.). That way the user (me) only has to Import it into my module, and it should work properly. Also, I hesitate to leave my email address on a public board (for obvious reasons), so you can’t send them direct.

Here’s an idea I have for use of the Pies (Blackberry only). ‘Blackberry Bill’ (the Tavern Keeper/Baker) makes a very special Pie with Blackberries only found in this area. Basically, Eat a piece of pie, and heal 2 HP of damage (or add 1 HP to the PC’s Max HP temporarily). The piece of Pie needs to be served on a plate as a usable item (shows up on the bar or table when served). Click on the Item (Eat the Pie), and the Pie disappears, leaving the plate behind (which can later be bused by the NPC). I am neither a script writer (If I can’t write a script with Lilac Soul’s Script Generator, I’m out of luck), nor a model maker, so I have no idea how to do all of this. Also, there is no Appearance for a single piece of pie, so the Model and Portrait would have to be made.

The Tavern (Blackberry Bill) and the Pies are all part of the ‘Hook’ to the rest of the Module’s Storyline, so they are all important. I just don’t have the expertise to do much of it myself (the Piece O’Pie or the Pies). If you could help me out, it would be much appreciated.

Here are the Appearances I have found:
iit_misc_076 Apple Pie? (One piece top crust)
iit_misc_078 Crusty Pie
iit_misc_079 Lattice Crust
iit_misc_120 Crusty Pie
iit_misc_121 Blue Filling Lattice (Blackberry?)
iit_misc_122 Purple Lattice
iit_misc_123 Red Lattice (Cherry?)
iit_misc_125 Lt. Red Lattice
[Lots of other food items on this Palette, like iit_misc_088 (Breakfast)]
iit_midmisc_099 Lattice Crust

There may, indeed, be models for all of these items, but I have no idea where to even start looking for them, or even how to attach them to the Appearance.

Many thanks again for the offer.
Have a good day!

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I like to make my pies from scratch, so its going to be new models… its going to be piepocalypse :smile:

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I tried starting a new module. Once I got the first area made (can’t proceed w/o making at least one Area), I tried to edit the Module Properties/Custom Content. The ADD button is disabled (ghosted/non-operational) so I can’t add any of the CEP HAKs. I checked the ‘toolset.ini’ file, but there is no entry at all for the ‘Module Properties’ window. I thought that something (the add button) might have been set =0 rather than =1, but there is no such section. I know I have used the ADD function in the past, and it always worked. What changed???

What do I do now?? HELP, Please!!!
[Starting a new thread]

Figured it out myself. There’s a little box with an arrow on the right, just below the main list window. Clicking the arrow accesses the HAK folder. Click to highlight the HAK you want, THEN click the ADD button.

Just took me some time to figger it out. Thanks for your kind thoughts.

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I just uploaded it:

all new lootable pies:



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Now, those are really yummy looking pies!!
Thanx so much!
And thanks for the credit in the doc. :smiley:

If I have this right, these are items. Can they be placed in a placeable (like shelves) , and show up in the game?
I’ll experiment with this. Nice if it works.

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