Why do npcs appear as injured?

I’ve been testing my mod and some npcs in one area are all injured. I know I’ve been setting off some earthquakes and other spells but they were well out of range so how can this happen ?

I checked their statistics and all their hit points are set to maximum so I don’t get it, it’s only in one area so far is this some sort of bug ?

Are they all friendly to each other? Maybe one’s from a different faction, and by the time the PC arrives he’s dead already but had time to injure the others? At least this happened to me.

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4760’s idea is the only one I can think of that would cause such a behaviour, if you indeed have set their hit points to maximum. You haven’t by mistake or otherwise leveled them up, and then forgot to set their hit points to max by any chance?

4760… I’ve had that happen before too but all this lot are hostile for sure as there’s no faction changing happening they just attack you on sight.

andgalf… I pressed all their buttons on max after this happened and there was no change in their hit points, it’s really weird as this is the fourth time I’ve gone through this area but the only time it’s happened.

Do favoured souls have some sort of damaging aura or effect on enemies as I’ve never played as one before and that’s what my character is ? All I’ve got as a buff, pretty much permanently, is Mass Aid on the party. I’m wondering about how far an earthquake spell goes now.

This is a very common occurrence, especially in older mods. I don’t exactly know why it happens, but I doubt it has anything to do with someone attacking the characters, and more with HP stacking of some kind, so that their max hp is updated but not their current one; ergo, they appear with less current HP than their max calculated HP. Sorry I can’t help, but maybe this can give you an idea where to look next.


its possible there is a buff/script of some sort that increases their max hp without topping up their current hp.

if so it could be fixed there, or as a last resort run the OnEnter (or…) script and top up their hps


Hmmm. That sounds familiar, actually. I might have had that problem occur with my first module…but I’m not sure.

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Interesting ideas I will investigate the offending nasties and see what feats and hitpoints they have. I’ve released the mod now so I guess some people are going to have it a bit easier than they should.

But I still want to know why !

Many thanks…


Sorry for the late post, but … just in case you missed this in their setup …

I had this happen when I had set the properties of “Current Hit Points” to lower than “Total” Hit Points in the toolset at build time. It can happen if you add some other properties to a NPC and then forget to set the maximum hit points.

I also have had this occur when I have had a creature equip a HP bonus item and they have not rested to gain the benefits. i.e. If you have given them a HP bonus item, make sure to give a Forced Rest prior the player meeting them.

Lance_Botelle… I always max the hit points after the stats because the button to do it is below them. It was really weird but it might have been that they had some sort of item or ability, I didn’t look at them but will in the future if it happens again, thank you.