Why does the NWNmax 8с00 plugin flip all Emitter objects?!

Hi, guys! I just have a stupid problem with the NWNmax plugin! It turns all Emitter objects face down during the final model conversion! This causes the effects to display incorrectly :frowning: Why is this happening, and how do I deal with it?

I tried to bind Emitter objects to empty dummies and rotate the dummy as I need, but after converting and importing everything back, it turns the other way around…

I try to do it using NWmax Plus+.

The problem is not solved! Help with advice! NWmax Plus+ does not export the model at all! The status bar says ~, but the export folder is empty! Why? It works normally and imports the model.

If you enable Do Sanity Check, you can’t even view the error log. The plugin simply closes after attempting to export.

Keep in mind that NWmax works very poorly with directories… It kept saving my model to another folder all the time! Although I changed the name a long time ago…

All right, the problem is solved with NWmax Plus+! All Emitter objects are positioned correctly when exporting!